Xiaomi Redmi 2 review: Spare hand

3 February 2015
The Xiaomi Redmi 2 is helping the company cross into the 64-bit era. A catchy enough headline for a sequel that’s not overly generous with the upgrades. On second thought, a new generation chipset (lower-midrange but still), a more recent OS and LTE are not a package to frown on...

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  • Isaack

AnonD-666917, 04 May 2017Am having a problem with my Redmi 2 my wi-fi, Bluetooth and... moreMy redmi2 got crushed , I have used other types of the phone but non I can compare with it ,. Where can I find it's front screen in Kenya

  • Shara

I have a problem with mi 2...the mobile network is not properly responding .

  • Md saddam


  • AnonD-666917

Am having a problem with my Redmi 2 my wi-fi, Bluetooth and fm radio it's not working what must I do please help me am really struggling about it.

  • amol Surve

Rademi 2 front Speakers +back speakars problem

  • Kareem

Can redmi 2 support 4G networks. ?

  • adio

can i upgrade Xiaomi Redmi 2 from 4.4 kit kat to 6.1 mashmellows

  • chinna

I am using this phone before 1 year superb phone in my life

  • vijay

phone is hest and don't n on and no charge

  • Sunil

Does this Phone Supports Gujarati Language ?

  • AnonD-537642

AnonD-490084, 18 Jan 2016Best phone ever... (in this price range). I'm a hardcore ... moreLove this phone, just got the 2gb RAM and 16gb internal memory version. Rooted and installed Nexus Experience 10.2 ( marshmallow 6.01). What else can you ask for 135$ ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2016Does Redmi 2 support "Google Now " ?yes

  • Anonymous

Does Redmi 2 support "Google Now " ?

  • AnonD-490084

Best phone ever... (in this price range). I'm a hardcore net user but didn't face any heating issue. It has got some mind blowing features. I used lollipop 5.1.1 CM 12.1 and it was more than awesome. Love this phone....

  • Rinto

My bro boughtvthis mobile.
But he dont know how tobuse ut to its full extent.
I use it for graphic designing by connecting it to mouse by otg cable.
Also i can do easy typing with it by connecting it to my usb keyboard.
(mainly for programming javascript)

I can do advance graphic designing if android graphic apps were optimised for using with mouse.
Also this apps needs more features like pc.

But we can use redme 2 as pc display by connecting it to smart tv by wifi.
And connecting multiple use ports to it
For mouse and keyboard.
I never tried it.
Its my bros smartphone anywy.
My galaxy s3 neo dosent support otg.
Galaxy s3 was 13000
Redme 2 is 6500.
I regret it now.
I should have waited more.

  • rajeev

My redmi2 mobile display crack what can i do

  • s.k

i want to buy the mobile redmi2. battery backup and other feautres are comfortable are not pls tell me

  • emjs..

i bought the phone china and brought it back in my home country....the problem is it does not have the google playstore...can u help me how to install it...

  • Arafat Sohel

I am using this phone from last 5 month.I think this device is very good,but last week I had faced a problem.when I am install 32gb memory card,it was became heating or increase temparature beside the camera area.what's problem please tell me.I am suferrer........BANGLADESH

  • Shailesh

I want 2 buy this phone ...can u help me 2 advised me...? Is this a good phone or not??? Plz fast