LG KE800 Platinum review: Chocolate sequel

18 January 2007
Well, the story continues with the next exciting Chocolate mobile phone from the Black Label series of LG. The new contender has received a serious hardware upgrade and strives for making up for the main criticism to the original Chocolate - it aims to prove that style doesn't need come on the expense of functionality. With a 2 megapixel autofocus camera, a QVGA TFT display, a microSD memory card slot and FM radio, the LG Chocolate Platinum seems to have it all to win the hears of even the most pretentious ones. So bear with us as we review the device in detail.

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  • jamek

I need the battery of ke800 how to get it in nigeria

  • yarrow

I wanna know why my phone really has Java. I don't know why when I download some programs, it can't read it.

  • audley

ayy wats up i really wanna buy this phone but there is one problem, i do not know when ii is coming to canada. someone please replay peace.

  • Cure

Thanks For The Review, I Really Enjoyed Reading It.
Can Someone Please Tell Me If I Can Copy/Paste Words In The Phone ?
Like When Pressing The Pencil Button On the Nokia Phones.
Coz I Have A LOT Of Symbols That I Need To Copy To That Phone.
Please Answer ASAP ^^
Thanks In Advance

  • mike

i've been having a problem lately while trying to access my conatcs list or pictures. I click on them and it either freezes or says please wait and nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to completely turn the backlight off on this phone? I have just got it and the light does dim after 5 secs when not being used but does not turn completely off like I think it should. My battery therefore only lasted for 10hours the first time I charged it fully!

  • Graham Wright

Well, I am changing this phone for another model. I need something more durable that I don't have to keep in a protective bag all the time. All the features are nice but the there is one problem that won't go away that makes the phone almost unusable for me.

It is true that I think the phone is set to "increasing" ringtone (starts quiet and gets louder with each ring) by default and there is no way to change it. I am not sure if this is true if you use an MP3 as your ringtone or not. In any case, if you keep it in its pouch (which is necessary unless you want to scratch it ) you stand no chance of hearing it until it is on the 3rd or 4th ring, and by the time you have taken it out of the pouch you will have missed the call. I have to set it at max volume to have a chance of hearing the rings early enough to get the call and by the time I remove it from my pocket it is blasting at full volume! Extremely frustrating!

When I went to investigate if using an MP3 as ringtone fixes this I found I could no longer change my ringtone, and I was hearing occasional beeps every few minutes when I was talking on it. This glitchy phone is now getting repaired and when I get it back I will be exchanging it for a simper, more robust phone.

  • Anonymous

hi - i just read on one review that there isnt a spell option in the predictive text mode - is this right? i text half in welsh and half english so i need a phone where i can store a load of welsh words in it

  • Graham Wright

Well, I have had this phone for a week and I have mixed feelings. First I have to say I think I got a bad battery because I have already had to charge it 3 times and I am really not using it that much. Right now I would say standby lifetime is about 70(seventy) hours, but like I said, I probably have a bad battery. I am taking it into the store tomorrow.

I do notice that I seem to miss quite a few calls despite the loud ring volume on the "outdoor" setting. I'm not sure why that is, maybe spotty reception from my provider?

I really enjoy the touch screen and have no complaints about any of the other features. But still, if my store can not replace or resolve my battery issue I will be exchanging this for another phone.

  • MalayZN

So it's A2DP right? well it won't work with my logitech F-0361A which works with my Samsung D900..... I'm a little disappointed at that or if I'm just doing it wrong please inform me of any tips or tricks thanks

  • Debs

I've had the chocolate platinum for a month and I'm sick of it.

The main problem is that you can't hear anyone when actually using a phones main function-to phone someone. I end up shouting down the phone and repeatedly asking the other person to speak up. There doesn't seem to be any volume control for this, unlike my previous phones.

It takes forever to flick through your images, just moving through them whilst in grid mode gets 'please wait' on your screen and the alternative is a list of the filenames with no pics.

The battery life seems to be ok but using the radio really drains it very fast.

The internet bugs me because the the information isn't sized to the screen like my previous samsung, so you end up moving it all over the place trying to look at your website.

The little cleaning pad that is visible in the pictures above is a nice touch but the silver coloured plastic surrounding it scratches you screen to bits if you aren't careful.

Everyone likes the look of my new phone and they all want to use the cleaner because it's such a novelty but then they all end up scratching the thing!!

In answer to the scroll writing question, mine says 'chocolate' in scroll letters on the front and 'chocolate' with a little pattern on the back under the camera, also in scroll lettering.

When you type a word on predictive text, and you flick through your options, it just continues scrolling through the same words rather than offering a 'spell/new word' option which is quite annoying for a big texter.

When adding a list of contacts to send to, you have to manually choose a slot for each contact on you list, rather than it automatically adding it to the bottom. Also you can only send to 8 contacts at one time which was annoying when texting everyone my new number.

You have to use thier alarmtones and message tones which are all total rubbish.

Think thats about it!!
Feel free to email anymore questions but I don't get to check my mail all that often so don't be offended if I don't reply straight away!

Debs x

  • Anonymous

howmuch is the phone?

  • Aaron.

Hey, I've got just one question. And it goes to all of you people who have this phone - When you buy it, does it have the swirly writing on the platinum strip as it does in all the photos?
Please reply, Cheers.

  • KB

Hi good review! But one mistake I found in it: There IS the possibility to put the player in the background! Just by pressing the MP3 bottom on the side when playing MP3 or Radio, it takes you to the home screen and the Player is in the back ground running...

  • Thijs

Got the phone a few weeks now, but I have only one comment.

The ringtone starts very silent and increases slowly. The moment I hear it ringing, my voicemail takes over.
I can't find a way to set the ringtone to loud immediately.

Other that that, I love this phone!!

  • playtime

1. The charger/headset IS the same as the ones on the original Chocolate.

2. Playing music through the integrated speaker suxx, no bass at all and only low to moderate volume levels.

3. Sound with the headset is another matter entirely - bass rich, nice and loud.

4. You can plug a 3.5 mm headphones since the headset has an adapter.

5. Battery life - no idea!

  • Anonymous

sounds like a pretty nice phone... could you me when it comes out in canada and what for which carriers?

  • sebsand

This review is very good. I just have 2 questions :
- is the charger the same as the orginal chocolate
- I'm french (so don't see my english) and do you know when it will available be in France
Many thanks in advance for your response

  • curious george

Thanks for your review. It's the first review I could find of the KE800 so I was very happy to see it. Unfortunately, it fails to cover some of the points which interested me most, like:

- How is the music playback quality with headset and the speaker.
- How is the music playback volume with the built in speaker?
- Is it possible to plug 3.5mm headphones to it?
- How good is the battery life?

Thanks again, and if you could answer some of these questions That would be great!

  • AJ

i think its really nice.when would it be coming to the caribbean?