Samsung Galaxy A7 review: Alpha leader

9 March 2015
The original Alpha project wanted no ties with the Galaxy line – which has been all over the place, from entry-level to premium. After a welcome identity boost, the A-series returns home. The Galaxy A7 is at the helm, a slim, light, metal-trimmed phablet to...

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  • Sha

Pratik, 10 Nov 2019It has a finger print sensor at home screen No

  • Pratik

It has a finger print sensor at home screen

  • (SERVER)

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2017PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP! Hi all, I brought the Samsung Gal... moreAgreed !! Mine tooo . I bought same date as you.

  • Fedhii Lammii

I was lost 3days ago my samsung galaxy A700 please how do i know where is it. Can i got it please?

  • Anonymous

Hi all, I brought the Samsung Galaxy A7 in Dec 2015.
it has been defaulting to LOUDSPEAKER every time I either take or make a call!

  • jagdeep

first i have samsung a7 2015 i sell it new i buy samsung a7 2016 2015 model have screen mirrioring but 2016 model have not can you any help me to use screnn mirrioring in samsung a7 2016

  • Anonymous

Whether this a7(2015) will nougat or not ?i think marshmallow was an final os to this.

  • Jack_Sparrow

Can I use Hybrid sim card slot to run 2 sim and one micro sd card in Samsung galaxy A7 SM-A700FD (2015 Model) ?

  • AnonD-583681

Will Galaxy A7 (2015) support Samsung 64GB UHS 1 Memory Card?

  • Hussain syed

How i can make video call on my A700 samsung

  • koko

Hi guys .. auto brightness doesn't decrease screen brightness when coming from light place to dark place ( outdoor to indoor for instance )
Is it normal or what please ??

  • AnonD-510695

avi, 04 Dec 2015I bought this phone and it's really impressive one. camer... morereally

  • AnonD-500904

How can I update my galaxy a7 5.0.2 to 5.1.1

  • anonymous

tommorow gonna take new phone im confused which 2 take sony c5 or samsung; a8 plezzzz help

  • SNOW

What is the condition of water proof? Because I dropped my phone into the water in one minute yesterday. But now the power is on and all functions are good. I want to know the additional effect of the system.

  • sam

AnonD-438429, 08 Sep 2015I purchased phone 3 months later but this phone not upgrade... morei purchsed 2 day ago nd i got lolipop inbulit in my phon..i purchsed in croma vadoodra

  • sameer

AnonD-416338, 14 Jul 2015I think no lolipop for Duosi purchse 2 day ago ..nd i got lolipop inbulit...

  • avi

I bought this phone
and it's really impressive one.
camera supb
display sUpb
Power and ultra power saving mode Guy
only it's having juice battery but charging is fast
go with this

  • Ivin

LOLA, 27 Oct 2015I got the answer. When the phone a7 shuts down, press all t... moreThanks god, thanks you....
My phone was fully charged yesterday. I woke up today, my phone suddenly can't turn on. I was tried to press the on button. But failed to do it.
Just found your solution. Thanks you really. This is the 1st experience in my life.haha

  • zabu

I need A7 (SM-A700H) original firmware 4.4.4 when my A7 update to lokipop 5.0.2 my phone become hot and slow to i need original firmware pls help me . My mail is