Samsung Galaxy A7 review: Alpha leader

9 March 2015
The original Alpha project wanted no ties with the Galaxy line – which has been all over the place, from entry-level to premium. After a welcome identity boost, the A-series returns home. The Galaxy A7 is at the helm, a slim, light, metal-trimmed phablet to...

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  • zabu

I need A7 (SM-A700H) original firmware 4.4.4 when my A7 update to lokipop 5.0.2 my phone become hot and slow to i need original firmware pls help me . My mail is

  • KZH

How do I get video call with Galaxy A7 (A700 YD model)?

  • LOLA

I got the answer. When the phone a7 shuts down, press all the buttons for 30 seconds and it will come on. It was a success for me. You can try it.

  • LOLA

Please my a7 as great as it is is shutting down and has refuse to come up. This is the second time. Please help. PLease oooo

  • Rikki

Can we do voice recording on Samsung A7..Please advice

  • Anonymous

my A7 back camera glass has broken
what can I do ?

  • AnonD-448413

Why doesn't my A7 have a video call option?
Or how do I find it?

  • Aman

I purchased a7 in on 3rd september. ..After 3 days I facing problm nd only problems 1 St is over heated nd 2nd is the volume key stuck from both side .. complity irritating thing but there no end because software problm also ph unexpectly switch off nd when it's on with safe mode which is can't be disable becz I 100times tryed but still on safe mode ..... One suprisly thing is when went samsung service center they said there is 9200rs repair cost after it ur ph properly work ........... I doubt samsung really a brand

  • Writeek pokharel

Though it wasnot with lolipop with in it. i have changed the coustom rom n now i am enjoying lolipop on a7 duos. Indeed this is really a quick phone to use . Totally satisfied with it.

  • AnonD-438429

I purchased phone 3 months later but this phone not upgraded to lolipop till date. Which was committed by company. I am totally disappointed with this thing.

  • Dk

hi friends i purchased samsung A7 last week the thing is phone is quite good with features as well as camera ...however will downloading some application, there were some virus detected by which by phone was getting heated as well as sometimes it was getting hanged .....will suggest u friends do not install UC browser as i believe it contains virus which can harm ur phone of the virus is (MONKEY TEST , TIME SERVICE)

however a7 is a damn good phone with a much better clarity also would do tell u friends wen u open camera and wen u click on settings u can see that the camera clarity is on 9 mp i beleive so were u can increse it to 13 mp ..........would suggest u friends to buy this phone as by the performance xx

  • azzokhan

Typing in Galaxy A7 is not as fluent as in Note 3, m using Note 3 and there is no problem in typing in note 3. Any solution for this ?

  • fariskhan

Thank for the review. it satisfied me i am now relax to purchase it. well done (Y)

  • sharni

friends i have samsung galaxy a7 recently bought...unfortunately sim card slot wont sim card also stuck within it.please give me some valuable instructions to geeting slot outside...

  • AnonD-100780

AnonD-409588, 24 Jun 2015I can compare it to sony experia m4 aqua. But this a7 dont ... moreit's obvious that it doesn't.

  • Isam zain

AnonD-400999, 15 Jun 2015Which fone is the best choice Samsung Galaxy A7 or Huawei H... moreHonour6

  • AnonD-416338

vijayvora, 08 May 2015It can be lollipop or notNo lolipop for duos

  • AnonD-416338

AnonD-410647, 27 Jun 2015Hey any one knows when did a7 duos gets lolipop update in india?I think no lolipop for Duos

  • AnonD-416338

Vishal, 02 Jul 2015Its not good phone i am using it from last 3 months ..heati... moreYou are Right

  • Garry

AnonD-411000, 28 Jun 2015Forget what people say because they analyse the device from... moreWhich Colour Of A7 You Have ? Are there any issues for golden Colour that it flees of very early ??? What about its charging that many people saying it stuck at 92% charging ???