Huawei Honor 6 review: Virtue in disguise

9 March 2015
High-performance hardware meets low-key design in the Huawei Honor 6, at a price that’s frankly hard to beat. In a market segment where budget matters, the Honor 6 is offering some top-of-the-range specs to raise itself above the crowd.

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  • AnonD-142922

Only NOW you reviewing Honor 6 ????
Jeezz arena ar u been sleeping ???
This phone is half year old now !!!
You should review Honor 6 Plus rather...

Anyway I had this phone and it is very good phone and this phone has JDI IPS screen very bright contrast and now apple copying (Huawei)Honor6 and now will be implementing SAME screen to their iphones !!! haha
They realized that it is BETTER IPS screen than their current samsung !