Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Subject Zero

13 March 2015
Choose one word to describe the Samsung Galaxy S6. Gorgeous. Powerful. Special. Different. Thank you. That will do. Galaxy S5 has only one of these under its belt and hint... it starts with a P.

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  • mee

screen from mine just starded joing purple and after 2 days it was black and this problem is unfixable

  • Ace

Not turning on and overheats on charging without the led indicator

Quite abit of damage to ours.
Down the toilet by one of our children.
Dropped onto the rail track but the mrs put it in the hotwater closet and it went but it has issues. I ended up buying her an S9 she loves that and i bought me an S10 so the 6 is sitting in my draw with the rest of them broken ones. Thanx for reading

  • Anonymous

Pls advice on what radio apps to install for S6, that can pay without any data mobile or Internet connection? Thks

  • Anonymous

Vero51, 22 May 2020How do I disable voice assistantVery best s6

  • Anonymous

I'm moving up from and SG S6 to either SG NOTE10+ or SG A71 how are both phones pls I like the specs for the 71 but the hubby said I always wanted a note to for that one

  • Vero51

How do I disable voice assistant

  • Jo

charging plug not making a connection ??? tried different chargers...sealed unit..not compatible for wireless??? any options

  • Doctor22

Is this phone the S6 compatible with the active 2 Samsung watch

  • hotoro

Mumba, 02 Dec 2019I can't install Dstv now App,so the device doesn't support Tvhow i dwnload radio in my s6

  • Anonymous

The navigation bar of my Samsung galaxy S6 stop, how to fixed it,,,

  • Mumba

I can't install Dstv now App,so the device doesn't support Tv

  • Aashish

St0N3, 06 Aug 2019Kindly suggest me Galaxy S6 Alternative.Iphone 6s better than s6 and in the same price range too

  • Moiz

This mobile is owsame S6 SAMSUNG

  • St0N3

Kindly suggest me Galaxy S6 Alternative.

  • Kante

My phone battery is running fast what should I do

  • Anonymous

My samsung galaxy s6 edge has a problem starting when i swich on it van even 10 or 15 to be on what sould i do?

  • chris

My cell is jammed open, screen stays lighted full time, flipped on a slight angle, it's impossible to get any reaction from any of the command buttons. Casing's warming up badly. I put it in the refrigerator to have it cooled a bit.

I looked to open the casing to remove the battery but I can't find how to open it.

Any comments are welcome. Is it burned finished or not?



Why is there no update yet on samsung s6 to 8.0 even if it says on your page that it is upgradable??

  • Anonymous

battery problem is the ma
jor one