HTC One M9 review: One up

23 March 2015
One of the hottest bodies in business just got hotter, in time for next season. Touched-up and brushed-down, the HTC One M9 arrives spot on time third year in a row, looking like a celebrity and acting like a pro. There's an engine boost and upgrades...

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  • Khan

I am using HTC M-8 since 2016 and so far it is giving the excellent performance except for . . the average Battery time. Rest, its quite user friendly, robust. Keeping in view M-8s performance, I purchase M-9 and for good about 2 years it never gave me any problem.

  • Nidelarj abdeslam

I tried to connect my HTC one m9 to my smart phone but it doesnt work. My question is tha phone can conbect to tvies or not

  • Anonymous

Ugochukwu , 06 Sep 2019Pls frnds, im contemplating buying htc m9 or htc x9. Pls ad... moreThis pHone is outdated please mind that the technology in this phone is far behind others and please mind that HTC is not sell anything and after sales service is mostly gone Plus this phone is Very Hard to repair by iFixit

If you wanna HTC quality, Just Buy Google Pixel, Google Pixel from 1st generation is made by HTC, and they had the best photo quality ever plus Direct Google Support for Android

  • Ugochukwu

Pls frnds, im contemplating buying htc m9 or htc x9. Pls advise me, which 1 is better

  • This is Maria

I don't know what is happening on my phone when I try to re put my account you say am unable to connect to the server so what should I do

  • AnonD-722234

after using this phone for 1 week. I found some advantages and disadvantages :

+ Beautiful design
+ Amazing build quality, best ever
+ Amazing sound for loudspeaker, unpararelled with others
+ Fast and responsive performance, absolutely no lag up to this moment
+ The UI of this phone is very beautiful, clean, simple and easy to use
+ A pretty good screen in my opinion. not too bad

- Poor camera
- Battery life is bad
- Extreme heat, although it has been updated to the android Nougat, the temperature of the mobile phone extraordinarily hot

I think I'm still satisfied to use it, the price is much cheaper for flagship-level mobile.

  • Lettuce

Mine is still going strong after 2 and a half years. Never a problem. Easy to use. Camera is fine for me. Great speakers!

  • Muchchee

B, 15 Dec 2016This is the worst phone ever!!! I bought mine 3 weeks ago a... moreThis phone is little old so u have to do the update orderly don't just blame

  • B

This is the worst phone ever!!! I bought mine 3 weeks ago and already i've had to do 3 system updates and immediately after doing one there is another update available. Then 2 days ago it just went dead...never ever will i buy anything from htc. I'm absolutely dissappointed considering the amount i paid😈

  • AnonD-576975

Sir I should be htc m9 phone please

  • Anonymous

The Reason why i Like the Htc m9 is not because only of battery,but it has Htc Boomsound and Dolby which delivers very good sound.

  • zap

Bad phone, google the HTC one m9 stuck on airplane mode. It happens a lot, this is the 3rd time Tmobile is replacing the hardware. Every 3-4 months they go out. It seems that constant usage burns out the receiver, so the internal motherboard needs to be replaced, this is covered under warranty, but it's a hassle.

  • Bri

Hate it worst phone ever the selfie camera is worst than even a flip phone's it's that bad! And how about checking social media for only 1 hour and 30 minutes at 50% battery life and your phone just shuts off with no warning. Crappy battery life and no back up! I'm positively switching back to my Google Nexus 5! I never realized how good the camera was in the Nexus or any other phone until I tried this stupid HTC one M9 crap!

  • Meez

Excellent cell ever....xcept battery back up...but I m not off with it...Bcoz every Android cell have same prblm of low battery life....
N proud of using HTC One M9....its like coooooool...

  • Beanz

I love this phone. Planning to buy this on Christmas. ♥

  • Clyde

I bought an iPhone 5s 8 months ago. The performance is a bit impressive and what made me amazed in using the phone is the simplicity as I am not really a fan of wonderful, gigantic and an almost sci-fi devices. But what made me frustrated, on the other hand, in using the iPhone is it's limited functionality in terms of downloading stuffs particularly Musics directly on the phone. I really love downloading musics on my phone without using iTunes or further ado--this would cause hassle and consumption of my time. In this case, I am planning to switch teams I guess--and have been looking for the best android device. I don't really like Samsung as there are unnecessary applications pre-installed on the phone (i.e. heartbeat monitoring, stress indetifier etc). I mean those are ridiculous. Sorry about the term though. I had a look on this HTC One M9 during their road show in our company on July 2015 and this is excellent! I can still see the simplicity in it, but it is combined with flexibility (given that it is an android device). Been looking forward to buy this on Christmas. So excited!

  • amalraj

I owned a HTC m9 gold with silver phone,just one week before,its just a value less phone .camera quality is below premium smartphones,no battery backup it should be down with in three hours,the screen resolution is very bad as comparing to the cost.its not user friendly .so pls don't fall in its friends buy any other brands.

  • Sampi

Other all things are good without battery.

  • Anonymous

All thing is good,but battery go quickly go down

  • tom

i love this phone