Sony Xperia E4g review: Smaller but better

21 April, 2015
Sony's affordable E-series has definitely come a long way and with its current fourth generation. The company is really going to great lengths to deliver abundant functionality and usability at a modest price tag.

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  • winn g
  • PAD
  • 22 Apr 2015

- mediatek?
- non removable battery?

uhh no thanks, I'll pass

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    • mimi3
    • J1C
    • 21 Apr 2015

    Outperforms most competitors
    well fair audio
    decent screen

    Considering price, really bargain for one with small budget...

      • b
      • barameus
      • uCb
      • 21 Apr 2015

      Yes everything is good at the price range, except the battery. Maybe increse in performance eat up battery??

        • V
        • Vignesh
        • XMN
        • 21 Apr 2015

        I don't know whether it is device fault or a software bug, but battery performance seems to be very poor. Maybe GSMArena, try to retest with different device just to be sure. Sony has been doing great in battery department, so that 47 hours endurance seems to be mistake.

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          • the new midrange bea
          • KAe
          • 21 Apr 2015

          AnonD-85136, 21 Apr 2015great i love itamazing!!it beats every other phone in every benchmark!!and gsm arena says audio output is best!sony rocksssss!the phone to buy this year!

            • D
            • AnonD-85136
            • 6Qp
            • 21 Apr 2015

            great i love it