Samsung Galaxy E7 review: Easy touch

24 April, 2015
In a bid to bring the A series' new-found premium design language to the masses, Samsung's E-lineup has managed to maintain the same looks. Lower-grade hardware and entirely plastic build have helped keep the price down, but if you don't look too hard it's still an upmarket smartphone.

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  • Anonymous

I have this phone but its not mine its from my aunt passed away 2015 she left this phone new. But for now have a issue in video lag. But i still kept care and new for me aunt memories

  • bittu

I have samsung e7 this a best phone I use everything but there are a little problems when I saw in my setting this is not 4g but in internet specification is showing this 4g lite so what to do being my phone 4g Lte pleas give some suggest

  • Win

My galaxy e7 doesnot haer by speaker , but I can hear by earphone.
Please suggestion and show picture. Speaker is good

  • Hanzgeorge Dingcong

My e7Samsung Galaxy SM-e700H/DS
is very2x Slowly while useng internet

  • imran

I have galaxy e7 mobile but this is not the 4g phone that dont have lte option to work like 4g.

  • Sona

I have E7 Its very good working. i hv from18 months. its still never hang. but suddely E7's display is spoiled and its cost is too much

  • chinu

jony, 16 Aug 2015 Lol who said sony camera better ..plz first compare sony a... moreCompare samsung A7 2016 camera h my 2 year old z3 plus camera, Samsung camera is always over saturated n fake color production..

  • nikki

why my e7 is not supporting jio 4g..?? What should I do so that it may support 4g?

  • Amardeep

4 G is not show Mobile is very nice

  • akashn.p.akash

i like it

  • Kamlesh

Nyta, 03 Oct 2016Is this e7 support 4G?E7samsung lte

  • Anonymous

Not show for 4g LTE sim network

  • Nyta

Is this e7 support 4G?

  • Random

Is sm e700h/dd 4g????

  • Anonymous

Samsung e7 is best of the other phone. Best

  • sini

jaja27, 10 Jan 2016Hi guys. Which is worth buying. Which is the best A9?? A... morepls go for galaxy core duos

  • Anonymous

Somehow, battery life is a problem... even on just standby, I have to recharge every 18-20 hours.

  • jay

My mobile battery backup is not okay , after used 1 year touch screen doesn't work properly

  • Deep

Its a great phone.. Bought it 10 months ago and it works so smooth.. A great impression created!

  • Anonymous

My E7 Touch not working