Samsung Galaxy E7 review: Easy touch

24 April, 2015
In a bid to bring the A series' new-found premium design language to the masses, Samsung's E-lineup has managed to maintain the same looks. Lower-grade hardware and entirely plastic build have helped keep the price down, but if you don't look too hard it's still an upmarket smartphone.

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  • Anonymous

Also it's quite interesting that this mid range device tops all other phones "except the 808 of course" in sunlight legibility.
Even their own high end flagships. S5, S6, and Note 4. Which all also get significantly brighter. Though the over 500nits is still very bright for a cheaper device. Especially an extremely low reflective Amoled.

  • Anonymous

What? No Gorilla glass protection? But can Samsung give at least Chimpanzee glass protection? Lol...

  • Anonymous

Overall great device.
The only thing that really makes you scratch you head is how can this E7 with the Snapdragon 410 chip and Qualcomm DAC supposedly score even better in external amp test than the S6 with one of if not the latest Wolfson Audio DACs. Obviously in the headphone section the S6 pulls a good bit ahead.
Not to say the S6 does not have superb audio output, but it just goes to show it's one area they could definitely clean up and amp up a good bit more.

....Just wish they would get someone to really fine tune their audio chips. Especially their Wolfson.

  • Anonymous

Expected much better battery life on this device. Disappointed.

  • AnonD-259899

Web browsing time is poor but otherwise ok, It wont be priced cheap that's why it wont sell much.

  • AnonD-142922

Thsere is such chaos with samsung mobiles
Thousand models releasing.. like crazy
A7 is way better

  • AnonD-265153

720P really kills it. Should I get the this or the A7 (duos)?

  • Aguy

Battery life is a downer.

  • Anonymous

Why is this even being reviewed? Too many other inexpensive phones that are much better than this thing. This is a low end phone that brings nothing new to the category.

  • Anonymous

Looks good and it is now below USD 250.

  • kirt

Nice budget big screen phone. I like it.

  • Sean

I think Samsung's image quality has gotten worse since the Note 4. This and the S6 & S6 Edge have poor details

  • Lj

In some case its even better than Note 2.And combined with great battery backup,I think this is the best mid-range smartphone..for now.I'll definately buy this.Btw,review is great.