Samsung Galaxy E7 review: Easy touch

24 April, 2015
In a bid to bring the A series' new-found premium design language to the masses, Samsung's E-lineup has managed to maintain the same looks. Lower-grade hardware and entirely plastic build have helped keep the price down, but if you don't look too hard it's still an upmarket smartphone.

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  • tutul

I am using e7 but skme apps is not supported in this device like clash of clan coc..this game app is working very slow..why...anybody answer there any solution...

  • vreanmuya

Samsung e7 realy super dopar good phone

  • AnonD-392298

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2015User-replaceable battery isa must for anybody using their s... morea good power bank will help you enjoy more the use of your samsung products :)

  • sumanth

Quite impressive but still it could have been done better
eg:gorilla glass,lolipop 5.0
Others all good

  • Jolly

Not satisfied. Left side of calling logs seems to be tapering due to white background. My phone hanged on 2nd day after buying

  • pawan antil

Very cheapest mobile in Samsung galaxy series I bought this before 2 months looking good ,features good but big problem is hanging the device .If any one some solution about this please tell me!

  • Anonymous

My 3 year old Galaxy S2 scores 18k in Antutu 5.7 - now - what does Samsung think launching such a device in 2015? It is useless. And what would be the real tangible difference to an S3?

  • anee

It should have gorila glass, n lolipop os required

  • AnonD-292864

AnonD-209094, 26 Apr 2015Stopped reading when I saw the big camera nipple. Ridiculous.Why, do you have problems in your eyes ?

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2015Also it's quite interesting that this mid range device tops... moreYes quite impressive. There's a theory that contrast gets better or easier to achieve with less ppi (this one has 267) so maybe that's the key. Good job here.

  • jerry wong

The only down side for this thing is non-removable battery. Otherwise it would be perfect.

  • AnonD-209094

Stopped reading when I saw the big camera nipple. Ridiculous.

  • my

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2015Why is this even being reviewed? Too many other inexpensiv... moreI hope they review more phones like E7. Everybody reviews flagship phones.

  • Anonymous

User-replaceable battery isa must for anybody using their smarthphone on the go (business trips and such).
I really hope the Note 5 will include a removable one and a micro SD port, otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of it being a tablet/computer replacement while working all day long.
If there is no removable battery on the Note 5, I will have to another maker for my next phablet ! sadly though, since I have been a 12 year long faithful Samsung user)

  • feeling better with

Now i buy a new e7. Before i buy it.. im use many other samsung phones but. I am only satisfied with e7. Because the main advantage of e7 is 2GB ram aan8 battery is 2950Mh this is more suitable for use. The super AMOLED screen it give more smart experience of videos. Its best phone to buy. And prices is also limited.

  • Don

While I can appreciate Samsung hardware expertise and their clever price points, the software is the problem with massive bloatware and seemingly lack of consumer friendliness. I think Android has had its run. I have moved from BB to Android and what a mistake that was. It is just not as quick or easy to use by a long shot, and the email clients are dogs to use. Dis I mention copy and paste - not exactly simple or reliable. We need better software.

  • thin

i used e7 now..seems the battery got overcharge..theres no way to fix it i just buy it and i loss the warranty ..

  • Anonymous

not user-replaceable battery?
no thank you

Why is Moto G 2 not included for comparison.

  • AnonD-292864

Lj, 24 Apr 2015In some case its even better than Note 2.And combined with ... moreYou can look at Note 3 Neo it has better CPU and S-Pen.