Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM review: Size matters

13 May 2015
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is one of Miscrosoft's recently announced Lumias and it's also available as a Dual SIM model, which we're reviewing. It's the best equipped smartphone in the Lumia 640 series - it packs a massive 5.7" screen and a 13MP camera...

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  • 12 May 2018

If only Microsoft had made the rear camera bump flat like on the smaller 5" model. An 8GB rear camera is plenty for this type of device. A 2GB front camera would also have been plenty and still allow 1080p video recording.

Other than that, the best phablet ever least for the price.

Microsoft should bring this fantastic phablet back, but put Android on the phone. Come back Microsoft!

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    • Xue
    • 03 Aug 2017

    lumlum, 13 Jul 2017How to increase font size in edge browserIdk

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      • 13 Jul 2017

      How to increase font size in edge browser

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        • Rajan Kailas
        • rKH
        • 30 Apr 2017

        Lumia 640Good Phone.Long Battery Life.No Complants

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          • Omid46
          • auJ
          • 08 Apr 2017

          Dearest Microsoft.I am directly talking to you!Couldn't this smartdevice have been the best!!!?The answer is yes!!Why not!!!?People had been ready to pay $60 more to have the least bezel,NFC,IR,FHD,32 gigs of ROM,3gigs of RAM,USB 3.1+otg!!!But though now the priceis around $150 ,in the former suggested,lumia 640 could have been one of the best reminding relics of Microsoft even in 2017-18 standards!!!With reference to my feedback and suggestions , hopefully Microsoft in producing Microphone 1 , 2, 3,..,(Surface name for smartphones is undigestable!!!) Follows the right path and considers all people smart,genius,talented,...nowadays!Otherwise the strong Google android and the waiting rival Chinese brands in next two years are the unique riders of the worldwide markets!!!Hopefully Microsoft public relations consider suggestions as I care about what's made not who is made!!Thanks all mentioned names+all quality maker brands according to 2017...standards!Justice electronic technology enthusiast....

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            • rRS
            • 02 Apr 2017

            Hot pink and black

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              • 02 Feb 2017

              User, 01 Jan 2016Windows phone does not need a higher ram because it is a li... moreI have a 512mb Phone and have Skyped on it holding it in reverse(My Phone does'nt have a front cam) and it worked like a charm. I still have my 630. Its awesome and zippy.

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                • jonny
                • UNZ
                • 03 Jan 2017

                how can i recover my microsoft account if known users tell me how it can be done

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                  • AnonD-109736
                  • fvj
                  • 19 Nov 2016

                  Anonymous, 06 Dec 2015I recently lost my Nokia Lumia 520. I want to buy this l... morebuy lumia 950 or XL low cost in 2017

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                    • fvj
                    • 19 Nov 2016

                    AnonD-603007, 27 Oct 2016Lumia 640xl has less ram (1gb) which creates a problem in r... moreyes :(

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                      • fvj
                      • 19 Nov 2016

                      az, 30 Dec 2015made in what country that microsoft ?? samsung is made in v... moresamsung original korea only

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                        • AnonD-603007
                        • vG1
                        • 27 Oct 2016

                        Lumia 640xl has less ram (1gb) which creates a problem in running modern apps like facebook and messenger which need 2gb ram

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                          • mahmoudkaramad@gmail
                          • p@5
                          • 30 Sep 2016

                          I have problem
                          1.when Bluetooth is on keyboard not appear
                          2.when I documented and make filed photo and video I wont be access to them from photo and video viewer
                          3.cant send some files with telegram and Bluetooth (not shown telegram in app share list)
                          4.when I saved photo with telegram that's not shown
                          5.I cant search in telegram groups

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                            • Omid46
                            • auJ
                            • 07 Jul 2016

                            Hideki, 07 Mar 2016Well, I bought one several months ago and what I can report... moreDearest friend.Your English is excellent but Microsoft relief is cures!!!Why!!!?It is the Nokia's downgraded heritage bought that led the Nokia to bankruptcy!!My friend,nowadays all brands must consider people smart and intelligent!Because a hard earning worker asks from many sources before buying any smartDevices!!!Specially GSM kind magazines are being published around the world with many languages plus advantages and disadvantages of any models even the most powerful and the wealthiest brands products!!!Thanks for your heartbeating true comment.Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.Only Hope.

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                              • Omid46
                              • auJ
                              • 06 Jul 2016

                              My dearest....Plus my unbiased factwriting comment and besides complete gsmArena review,these are friendly recommendations to Microsoft to be the most advancing brand in Lumia 640 XL lte 4g PLUS next:Using SD 652 chipset,WiFi abgn ac dual band hotspot direct DLNA,Bluetooth 4.2 or 4.1 plus their auxiliaries completing,Increasing internal memory to 32 gigabytes and RAM 3 gigabytes+gsmArena review suggestions!These are the results of poll,survey,research and experts opinions!If so,the most unexpected advanced sales and progress will be happened plus incredible qualities of Windows 10 achievements!Of course,Lumia 640 XL lte 4g is the best middle midrange Microsoft products among all Microsoft and Lumia midrange brands except the high end lumia 950 XL!!In addition,Microsoft can use this hard endeavor real free of chars experiences in its next smartDevices products even its tablet pc Surface lines!!!Possible!!!?Hopefully.Thanks all.Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.Only Hope.

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                                • speedracer
                                • uuV
                                • 12 May 2016

                                dinesh, 20 Dec 2015Can I know does 640xl support otg option or not640xl dosent support OTG support.. it may be include in next Os update

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                                  • Hideki
                                  • P4F
                                  • 07 Mar 2016

                                  Well, I bought one several months ago and what I can report (by the way, sorry for my almost incomprehensible english) for anyone eager to buy one and is coming from other app ecosystem : DON´T BUY IT.
                                  It would be awesome to see everything on its display (due to its sheer size), however its quality hinders it: 1+ month and I was already seeing some pixelation and yellowish, plus some blue lines on the display, a very poor component lifespan/endurance if I might say.
                                  Other than that, 1gb ram is not enough to run more than 2 apps at time, it's very common (on a daily basis) to experience an app shutting down, specially the default browser (mainly when you are navigating into a heavy webpage), because the ram couldn't handle with "that" much data.
                                  The app ecosystem sucks balls, I already owned an Iphone 4S and 2 android tablets and, man, Microsoft strategy to not allow other manufacturers to build smartphones using its OS is sucking balls and letting down us, windows consumers. We are left with buggy apps, unfinished or totally crappy ones.
                                  Now I'm moving forward to a better phablet (Nexus 6, since in my country, a true flagship is worth 4-6 minimum wages, and I found a new N6 "cheap" by my country standards), and leaving my windows phone with a bitter taste in my mouth.
                                  tl;dr: Buy a zenfone 6, it has 2 gb ram, a better gpu, a better OS, more apps and an internal storage bigger than 640xl and, more than that, it´s usually cheaper than it.

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                                    • thirukumaran
                                    • ceK
                                    • 23 Feb 2016

                                    I like to buy Windows phone now...

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                                      • omid46
                                      • 6w%
                                      • 15 Feb 2016

                                      Dearest friends and followers.Besides GSM complete incredible review,this Microsoft 640 XL LTE 4g,with respect to the budget economical inexpensive affordable price and some higher qualities like cameras,5.7 inches screen etc is a good midrange smartphone.I am thinking about putting it in my virtual grand museum as I have tested it too!!I also may take it to compare a good android compatible to compare it with this second Microsoft degree after high end 950 in my lab...This is a good try!!But hopefully Microsoft reads and respects unbiased readers opinions,comments,reviews and news about its products!!!...Thanks all,factwriting gsm,and good Microsoft listener.Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.

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                                        • t7X
                                        • 01 Jan 2016

                                        Muzu, 15 Dec 2015I want to buy this phone, but not sure if 1 GB RAM enough f... moreWindows phone does not need a higher ram because it is a lighweight operating system unlike android and ios.