Oppo R1x review: Sleek geometry

05 June 2015
Always keen to impress with designs, Oppo has yet another eye-catching proposition in the R1x. There’s more to it than meets the eye though, and under the neat metal case the Oppo R1x is a capable all-round midranger...

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  • AnonD-316345

Trust me, the so-called OPPO R1x (R8201) lacks LTE Connectivity. My wife owns this beautiful device with the price tag of around $350 when bought last year. The price is even stable at around $300 now

  • gud

Anonymous-Carl, 15 Jun 2015Before saying it's expensive try to own an OPPO phone, if y... moregud

  • Anonymous-Carl

Before saying it's expensive try to own an OPPO phone, if your not satisfied with the performance then you can say your comments, but as long as you have not experience it don't badmouth any brands. Have respect to the other brand and to yourself. :)

  • r.......kumar

Nice.. phone....

  • AnonD-4254

GSM Arena staff: For Selfie camera, could you please use a real person instead of a toy?

A toy isn't just clarifying how a person will actually look.

  • AnonD-71586

You can get the xperia z1 cheaper than this and it's by far better. Better speced, higher screen ress, better camera, better looks, water proof and dust proof. I'm sure there are other better phones out there than this, this phone considering also it's brand should be 350 tops, maybe even 300. You can't compare it with more popular and proven brands which can offer better phones for lower prices.

  • AnonD-159641

Too Expensive for the specifications and not worth the screen - 720p screen, no gorilla glass protection - other devices that can be considered better than it - Phicomm P660; Lenovo A7000; Xiaomi Mi4i; Nubia Z9 Mini

  • Anonymous

i thought i saw the incarnation of htc touch diamond. hmm...

  • xtian

copy of m4 aqua. but performance is inferior.

you took my words.. that clock and that background is android 2.0 all the way!

it's a shame that the user experience on this one isn't android at all

  • monkeydonkey

M4 aqua over this any day... the battery in it self is a dealbreaker for me

  • Anonymous

lenoa A6000

  • AnonD-175677

AnonD-403384, 06 Jun 2015Looks like a SONY It should have been called Oppo Xperia Z-R1xhuawie honor 4x is better

  • AnonD-403384

Looks like a SONY
It should have been called Oppo Xperia Z-R1x

  • pt020

It looks too much like Sony Z series.

  • Anonymous

MrGrumpy, 05 Jun 2015No FM radio, non removable battery, no Gorilla Glass or eve... morePlus sluggish performance, mediocre battery life (poor optimization) and camera. All that for a fairly steep proce. M4 Aqua is a much better choice.

  • 113

Me like it. Good style. Good mid range device. I like Oppo oveall.

  • MrGrumpy

No FM radio, non removable battery, no Gorilla Glass or even Dragontail glass. Rubbish device not worth using as a doorstop let alone a smart phone

  • AnonD-246723

The wall paper and clock remind me of 2.0 Eclair .