LG G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: Next door rivals

19 June 2015
Sometimes the biggest rivalries are between neighbors. The newest additions to clan LG and clan Samsung are from two different worlds – the organic LG G4 and the industrial Galaxy S6. One is curved with soft leather, the other is a cool glass and...

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  • Ldd

Lg g4 still remains my number one over the S6...and I rather go for Lg than for Samsung

  • Anonymous

The vest phone in the wirld is lg g4

  • AnonD-674684

thank you

  • usmam

LG very heavy company LG g4 heavy set in s6

  • hansi


  • Yz

I am currently looking for a new phone and even if G5 and S7 appeared, I'm still stuck on these two phones because of the prices. I considered buying the G4 because is almost the same as S6 and it's cheaper. They have slight differences overall. But reading reviews, I found a big problem. LG confirmed that the G4 starts to bootloop and practically dies. They say it can be repaired, but my questions is: Is it worth to pay less money for G4 knowing that one day it will surely broke? Even if it's in the first two months or after one year, you can't avoid it. They have to change the board to make it work again but will it work smoothly after an internal repair? I guess I'll have to save more money and buy an S6 since it doesn't have any factory defect. I am really disappointed because I thought I found the perfect phone at the perfect price and I was 90% sure I will buy the G4.

  • AnonD-519823

ithehappy, 26 Jun 2015You didn't know this comparison was "only" based ... moreI really hope that was sarcasm

  • Anonymous

In indonesia, some of LG G4 user experienced bootloop and had to bring it to service center

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2015many results show the G4 doing worse? What's your point? di... morei owned both and i will never buy a samsung ever again... the reviews are fake apparently samsung paid them to write them. happy with my g4 but couldnt sell the s6 is frustrating

  • Zeev

ICE, 22 Jun 2015Yes I can. I know how wide aperture lenses work, I have an ... moreWhich has the better camera in terms of tonal gradation?

  • AnonD-499802

One more thing about the phone I wanted to mention was the glass they use on front is by far the worst I've had on any phone . I had my phone in my pocket and the only thing in there was my keys, when I pulled my phone out it was all chipped in bottom corner. And within the week the screen was cracked after putting on the screen protector. Good thing the phone still works, unlike my blackberry I switched from. (Once blackberry screen cracked the phone no longer has display)

  • AnonD-499802

Hey I'm struggling a little with the new update. Its supposed to be better on the battery and I'm finding my battery isn't lasting as long and it seems nothing except the original cord and plug in will charge this phone. Is anyone else having this problem? If anyone can give advise or shed some light I would appreciate it.

  • Dylancal

Look. I've had every phone going and tbh, people need to stop being arseh***s (sorry) saying one phone is deffo better than the other. I owned an S4 for a long time and minus all specs, it is still my favorite phone - not specs. It was just my best phone.
Still, I'm looking forward to the g4 because I want another change. (My s4 battery semi-melted and the heat wrecked my phone -_-)
I've looked at the specs - they're not as good but I still want it. Specs are not everything. And i'm brand loyal to SONY but I hate their phones from experience. Different phones are good for differenut things - stop bitching.

  • Vlad

In UK you can get S6 brand new for 380 pounds and G4 for 420 pounds... I had G3 and I really loved the screen and the camera (also the battery was pretty good) but the lag and the bugs were too annoying. That's the problem with LG, their updates just made my phone get worse and worse. I like their designs and their cameras, but they have to work a lot on the software part.

  • Neeraj

If u are planning b/w s6 and g4
Buy s6 if you want to impress your friends with the design but can find yourself a wall charger frequently enough.
Buy the g4 if you don’t want to spend more on storage , want your phone to have good battery life and want to change up the back once in a while.
All the other differences b/w the two phones are negligible and you won’t regret your choice.
You are welcome for the real help.
And to all the troll fanboys on this page saying one phone is way better than the other-f*off

  • Udi

AnonD-460342, 28 Oct 2015Have anyone ever owned LG G4 model 815? did you encounter a... moreI have it since May-2015 , it is very good smartphone.
The LG G4 is much better than Note 3 (that I had before).
No bloatware like Samsung, I've added wireless charging (Change the cover) and it works great. Battery hold more than a day.
Camera is top notch, really excellent.

  • AnonD-460342

Have anyone ever owned LG G4 model 815? did you encounter any issues since the day you bought it? curious to know. let me know ASAP. considering to buy one :)

  • Mjkiller11

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2015The S4 had numerous advantages over the G2 putting it objec... moreI had a Samsung S4 which I finally gave up on..there was a recent upgrade which stopped most things working! I have recently gone to the LG.. Partly due to the fact the S6 appears to have gone the Apple route hiding the battery and non expandable memory. What I have found with phones over the years is the battery tends to diminish.. Therefore having the option of having an additional battery or batteries is crucial..and a deal breaker for me with Samsung..the other thing is that abs everything on the LG works..the Samsung has a remote control which I never managed to get working! This is just my opinion..

  • batman

there is a RELIABLE video comparison in Youtube on the camera quality of G4 and S6 leaving the galaxy into dust. However S6 wins in focusing which is a bit faster than the G4.

  • kikeelpro

After upgrade from the Lg g3 to the Samsung S6 i am very disapointed , after upgrade the S6 from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1 the battery life became almost 50% less and the incall sound is weak, i am coming back to LG, For me the best all around cell............