Oppo R7 review: Changing course

03 July 2015
Once the world’s slimmest smartphone, the Oppo R5 has found a worthy heir in the face of the new R7. With the crown already forfeited, the company chose to walk out of that fight and made the R7 a touch thicker, but it still has every bit...

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  • Sajju

Hi Guys which 1 is best Opportunity R7 light or Samsung A7?? Please help me

  • Sunil

Oppo R7 stylish phone however one you connect with Bluetooth hearing sound too low and phone vibration too low like once you keep in your paint pocket you will not feel your phone is vibrating


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2015ironically i prefer kitkat over lollipop due to the color s... morethat's not irony at all, that's a matter of personal preference

  • AnonD-212255

How long are you going to list a Non-removable battery as a "disadvantage" Gsmarena?

Taking the cover off of your device seems a little antiquated, don't ya think?

  • johir

Oppo my first cs. Because is the best quality in Bangladesh.so try

  • AnonD-242099

As Oppo is famous for its sexy & Stylish design its their in this phone,The battery power is not sufficient as its of 5inch but it have just 2350mah which is less, & NFC should be their as nowadays external devices & Accessories works on NFC. But it's an average phone.

  • Anonymous

ironically i prefer kitkat over lollipop due to the color scheme it uses for material design

  • Anonymous

mi4i looks better price with par spec, that mean R7 body & design cost for $200

  • nick

AnonD-294135, 04 Jul 2015why can't a chinese manufacturer make a phone that looks li... moreYou won't see uch device, it would be too big and too expensive.

  • nick

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2015"With Andoid M already announced, having new devices l... moreIncorrect, Lollipop can handle 64-bits but there's also 32-bit version (which many phones have).

  • Anonymous

"With Andoid M already announced, having new devices launch without Lollipop is a disappointment"

No it isn't. As long as these devices still come with LESS than 4GB there's absolutely no benefit in going 64-bits. Then there's the UI which looks IMHO much better on 4.4 than 5.x ESPECIALLY on an AMOLED equipped device. Google should make these notification panels black (not grey or "dark" but true BLACK) instead of white. The same with dialer and the rest o/t UI. Not to mention that the pale colour scheme would pop much better with black or darker backgrounds. And of better use and less disturbing in a darker environment.

It's like Windows on PC's. A lot prefer Windows 7 because it's (arguably) the best looking Windows and it (still) works great with modern hardware. SO users should have the choice.

The only advantage of Lolipop is to be able to write on SD-cards but is just an oversight of Google. It's one bloody line missing platform.xml.

  • AnonD-412447

It is advertised as having Gorilla Glass 3, you should check that out. Nice review.

  • AnonD-294135

why can't a chinese manufacturer make a phone that looks like this with the guts of the S6 and stock (or near stock) Android with 64\128GB of storage. thats a phone i'd buy

  • nick

It would be a great device wirh Snapdragon 801 (not to mention 808) or even some Exynos like 5430 or 5433. Snapdragon 615 is not enough with FHD display.

  • nick

One of the smallest 5-inchers? It's as big as HTC One M9 but even wider! Samsung S4 or Xiaomi Mi4i are much smaller. Honor 7 has almost exactly the same dimensions ad 5,2" screen!

ArtificiallyYours, 03 Jul 2015I honestly cannot take the name "OPPO" seriously.Yep, true, a lot of people can't take the name Apple seriously either. I can bet my life that OPPO is better though!

  • ArtificiallyYours

I honestly cannot take the name "OPPO" seriously.

  • AnonD-4254

Again the same Mouse-Face for the 8MP Selfie Camera. We need good samples!! Come on GSMArena staff, can't you just have a realistic statue, instead of this mouse toy? It seems like you guys are just scared coming on camera for some weird reason only you know... I've mentioned this before, no effect at all.

Performance is similar to last year mid rangers at best.

  • britannic's sister

me changing course not.