BlackBerry Leap review: Bouncing up and down

21 July 2015
Many thought the days of BlackBerry were numbered yet the company is still here, pushing new phones. The Canadians might not be the leading smartphone manufacturer that it once was, but it's still got a loyal fanbase that the BlackBerry Leap comes to cater to...

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  • Lalit

Mihle, 15 Aug 2017I love the black berry leap, but does it support whatsapp?? I love blackberry leap bit does it support WhatsApp

  • Trev

I want to sell BlackBerry Leap but don't remember that ID . They ought to withdraw this phone from Amazon eBay etc.
There is no help from Blackberry at all

  • Ashlyn

How do I download snapchat and instagram on this device it don't allow me to log in snap chat I says "Google services cant support Device" can someone help me?

  • Anonymous

Can this phone download Fortnite Battle Royal?

  • Mihle

I love the black berry leap, but does it support whatsapp??

  • AnonD-324662

i will never give up on bb10 ... i had the z10 ... then gone to android with htc one, lenovo k6 ... then returned to this one ... for those who don't like to tinker with the apps this phone isn't for you ... you need to find the perfect version of the apps to work well on the android runtime .. considering that it runs the 4.4.4 runtime .. is a bit hard .. for me the comeback to bb10 is mainly the hub and multitasking that none of the android or ios done it ...i work in it and remote desktop is a must ... swithing between apps .. is fast ...

  • AnonD-618046

Slow,does not respond fast like a android.dont like the gestures very much.I should have gone with the comes first so BB is and always be first for my work phones...

  • feedback

very nice phone

  • AnonD-538711

It's the wearer of the shoe that knows where it pinches most.
Having began with Huawei P6 (Android), 'tasted' BlackBerry Z10 (BlackBerry) and back to Android (Lenovo Vibe K4) I wasn't insane to immediately sell the Vibe K4 and get BlackBerry.
Any BlackBerry user (former or current) will tell you one thing when he hears your device is spoilt. 'Boss, you'll find it hard to use other phones. '
Once you use a BlackBerry, you get addicted and nothing, I repeat, nothing will take you back to Android or Windows. You can only try an Apple. Period.
Anyone giving unfounded comments on how BlackBerry is anachronism or whatever hasn't had the opportunity to 'taste' the mighty BlackBerry.

  • sourabh rawal

BlackBerry means a Serious Business

  • Anonymous

Still prefer BB,esp Hub.Never had a problem of the phone hanging. Better than Android,BB is under-rated

  • Anonymous

Blackberry CEO Chen seems intent to kill of the mobile division with his "back to the future" ideas of physical QWERTY keyboards and oddly shaped phones like the passport. Sure, they'll get some sales, but they aren't mainstream. Years ago Samsung and others took on Blackberry with their own QWERTY offerings, but the majority of the world decided they wanted touch screen and it was pretty much all over for Blackberry.

Now Chen thinks the problem is BOS 10.x and has decided to try and grab market share with an Android offering. Perhaps BB market research will come up with a study that will tell Chen what the majority of people already know: the market won't pay a premium for a phone that has 2nd class specs.

Apparently Chen doesn't understand that there are plenty of people out there who will pay for a phone with a 1st class os combined with 1st class hardware, not one or the other.

Now Snapdragon just came out with a kick-ass 820 which all reports say have the heating issues of the 810 worked out. So why not give the Blackberry community a nice successor to the Z30, but with all the bells and whistles? Underclock the 820 to save on battery (BOS 10.x doesn't need the HP anyway), throw in 64GB internal storage and all the latest connectivity features to do wired/wireless connectivity to SmartTVs, projectors and monitors. That will get business users excited. Throw in the latest Sony camera sensor to make the phone on par with other flagships in that department. And speaking of Sony, make it waterproof too. Give it 3GB-4GB of RAM, not because it needs it, but to give the geeks and gamers something to get excited about. Finally, make it a bit thinner, but not at the cost of the battery, so it can be used as a real workhorse without recharging.

Now you have a successor to the Z30 that is worthy of the premium price. If you want to make it a horse race, make two versions, one with Android and one with BOS 10.x and let the market decide which one it wants.

  • nav

dad of all phones

  • d13

AnonD-423247, 30 Jul 2015The comments somehow make me sick, of knowing people only ... morenice comment. . finally

  • A.A

Blackberry nice

  • AnonD-423247

The comments somehow make me sick, of knowing people only judges the phone from the core, from the processor, whatever.
People just need to know what kind of phone u need. when u just need a phone to make business which puts you prefer messaging, customizing calendar, a high notification for business, well, blackberry can be ur preference. but, the second when u prefer a game, game, and game, please do not choose this one.

I know that some androids and iOs phone can do the same, but still, whenever u experience blackberry, they are just different.
iPhone gives you another level of visual, the touchscreen is just amazing (yes i used iphone 4, 4s, 5), and the game experience? Pheewh...GREAT!

Androids gives you another experience, such as open source to make you free customizing your apps, your personal screen, etc. (am using G2 anyway)

and BlackBerry gives you another Business experience which I think (personally) will not can be replaced with another phone. At least, till now (July 2015)

So just be wise, when you put your bad comments here, it just doesn't make you gain any profit from it. You can pick your favorite phone, use it , and put some comments based on your experience using that, without any "rough ingredients". Make some search before buy it, don't make any regret because of your less-knowledge and leads you put the "selfish bad experience" into this forum, which can resulting people whom read get misunderstanding.

Be a "smart user using a smartphone."

  • Razz


  • haphyz

I feel more secure using the bb10 range of phones.The blackberry protect is also another great feature of the brand I believe they can use as a major selling point. but wat impressed me most about the bb10 brand is the HUB. for someone who isn't organized, u can employ the HUB @ no extra charge! i love the HUB more than i love the phone it self

  • Vasile

Would you perform a battery life test on blackberry os 10.3.2?

  • AnonD-212727

AnonD-209094, 24 Jul 2015Most anachronism phone ever? Hard to believe we are not in ... moreanachronism lololololol.... I had to google that word and made me laugh haha "against time" :D