Huawei Honor 7 review: Rags to riches

31 July 2015
The Honor 7 is Huawei's bid to bring an extra touch of class to the upper midrange. Some serious hardware in a highly attractive shell may as well help the Chinese pull it off. Whether it is meant to co-exist with the P8 flagship or be its alternative...

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  • Dominion

Am using honor 7, shows to me that the phone os 64gb rom and 3gb ram, now the space on it not up to that please any remedy

  • PNR

I don't now find my default browser after the update..I'm honor holly to get it. ??

  • AnonD-653001

I have a security problem honour7. it is not a secure phone

  • paula

pls. honor 7 or p9 lite? tnx

  • AnonD-543104

My second Huawei phone after Ascend P7.
I bought special version for Russian market named Honor 7 Premium (PLK-L01) with 32GB ROM, 2 SIM-cards (or 1 SIM + 1 SD-card) and in golden color.
I'm absolutely satisfied with my choice!

  • Arunr1985

AnonD-416050, 31 Jul 2015I don't agree that it is better than the P8. It has a worse scr... moreI have used both p8 and honor 7...honor 7 is the best

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2016Huawei Honor 7 available in Malaysia now?This is so lame, the new phone is launching soon then only now the previous year model appear in Malaysia and may be Singapore... I am curious is a good and trusted site? How many of you have used before? As it is to get an Honor phone in my region.. Thanks

  • asdsa

>perhaps an attempt to raise the profile of the midrange lineup as a stand-alone brand.
yeah it is. honor is for "brave" and "for the digital native generation" according to what-looks-to-be-official honor site - . i'm sure huawei makes decent phones. trying to distance honor from themselves in an attempt to sell phones to youngsters looks kinda lame. all the youngsters want apples anyway, which i do not share, but at least can understand but that's whole different story

  • Anonymous

Huawei Honor 7 available in Malaysia now?

  • LANE

how to make a video call for honour 7

  • Sur

I have one small doubt.....the theatre max function work in all mobiles...

  • sriram

Automatic callrecarding app not working,app notification also not working but mobile is super please help

  • Anonymous

AnonD-432899, 15 Nov 2015is malaysia version come with fast charger inside the box??It will come with a 5V2A charger.

  • Bubu

AnonD-476243, 31 Dec 2015great phone huaweiiiiDid u use huawei honor 7 ?

  • AnonD-484459

whenever I unlock my phone using fingerprint lock thats time my all running apps automatically closed so what should I do plz suggest me

  • green

might as well take Galaxy Alpha?

  • AnonD-476243

great phone huaweiiii

  • Aazmeer

It supports quick charge. False information is very bad.

  • AnonD-432899

Zzk, 26 Oct 2015Well if says that retail pacakging may vary. As for me (I'm from... moreis malaysia version come with fast charger inside the box??

  • AnonD-432899

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2015am checking everday. When will you post other benchmarks gsmarename too,waiting for them to put another benchmark..but,i more believe at real life performance than benchmark tho