Huawei Honor 7 review: Rags to riches

31 July 2015
The Honor 7 is Huawei's bid to bring an extra touch of class to the upper midrange. Some serious hardware in a highly attractive shell may as well help the Chinese pull it off. Whether it is meant to co-exist with the P8 flagship or be its alternative...

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  • Wesley

I don't agree that it is better than the P8. It has a worse screen that is noticeably inferior side-by side (, less battery life in web browsing by 3 hours (the most important battery life measurement for a smartphone), no OIS for the camera, it's 2mm thicker, despite same screen size and unlike the P8 with it's flush camera, the Honor 7's camera sticks out like an unwanted massive pimple and it's photos are also very inferior to the P8's.

  • Anonymous

I am a little torn between this an the Oneplus 2 though this seems to have more features. If it will have developer support, then it will definitely be a better option.

  • Novage

The mx5 has not a more powerful Gpu.

It's the same power

  • Z

How did you got that sooooooo early ............

  • AnonD-423953

A worthy phone indeed! Could someone share when it will have it's launch in India ?

  • Anonymous

better than s6.