3GSM Barcelona 2007 live coverage

12 - 15 Feb 2006
The 3GSM world congress is among the highlights of this year's mobile industry events. The event draws a lot of attention from the press since all the major players in the field are gathered here to showcase the latest and greatest of their achievements.

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  • AnonD-501055
  • XMV
  • 15 Feb 2016

Can't wait! :)

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    • Immad
    • Rxf
    • 14 Mar 2007

    The Motorola F3 is the featureless set and it is no way near the friendliness. It is the request for Motorola to kindly announce how to delete messages as well call dialed numbers from F3 handset.

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      • allEn
      • PGY
      • 03 Mar 2007

      Ouch! look at N95's camera foto smples! ewww it realy sucks! to me K510 takes much beter picture dan N95..much more worse dan N73..:pp...duh..nokia can never beat sony ericsson in multimedia sector it only wins in connectivity side.. bt if SE wishes dey can try one...donno y they r not concernd abt it...jst look at da new fones of E-series...whoa! wat a desyn n features! btt....not an all-rounder...:p...
      SONY ERICSSON RULEZ! no brand can beat SE in multimedia!

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        • Sigil
        • Pdt
        • 28 Feb 2007

        Hey! I'm fan of Se but I wanted to see something new... sigh... but what I really want to know is why there wasn't an iPhone stand? Why apple didn't take part of the show... anyone knows? Thanks

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          • hgsd
          • nuC
          • 26 Feb 2007

          Now who is N1..?! The Gigabyte t600 is the N1!! Even if they don't add it in the 3GSM review this will change nothing..! Gigabyte rlz..
          P.s poor SE models again.. I was their fan, but not anymore.. Expensive phones, differenting between each model with the desighn and some little funktions.. No thanks!

          The Nokia navigator model is nice, but it will be too expensive.. again.. Otherwise better than the previous 3GSM

            • K
            • Kal
            • 2SU
            • 26 Feb 2007

            Even though Nokia and Moto are holding their positions..is'nt it clear from this years awards thats its time for Samsung and SE?? Who says Nokia is the winner!!!!!

              • J
              • J
              • Ihn
              • 21 Feb 2007

              Wow. Alcatel seem to have improved on a huge scale.

                • c
                • cezar
                • whB
                • 18 Feb 2007

                the Sharp PocketPC for Japan looks like a K600 with a slider keyboard!

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                  • me
                  • nCK
                  • 18 Feb 2007

                  why can't you all just forget about the phones and let's talk about how coooll is the alcatel truck =)).new stuff...interesting...though i am a nokia fan i have to say sharp has some bad a** phones.too bad they don't bring new models in my country (only outdated ones)...i think you already know that the japan has the best phones-like samsung with the 10 mpix camera (samsung also has 7 and 8 mpix camera phones,and they also implemented the mini hard-drive into a phone long before nokia's n91 or whatever other phones with hdd's might be).

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                    • klk
                    • pqy
                    • 18 Feb 2007

                    well, nokia and motrola are the best brands on the market.
                    the other brands...wel...are some kind of losers.
                    Just think at this: selling 10 k800i with the price of 300$ or selling 40 V3 with the price of 100$?
                    The example applies to nokia also...
                    SE has some good phones, but the are massively selling them in very few countries.
                    SE will lose...:P:P:P=))

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                      • heyhey
                      • wYL
                      • 17 Feb 2007

                      Nokia? I beg to differ...

                      K800 from sony ericsson won the 3gsm handset of the year...

                      in short, SE is the winner...

                        • b
                        • benny
                        • n{@
                        • 17 Feb 2007

                        i think in this 3GSM world congress Nokia is the absolute winer

                          • a
                          • avinersan
                          • pr3
                          • 17 Feb 2007

                          if i remeber well i thing ken is wright

                            • k
                            • ken19
                            • wu4
                            • 17 Feb 2007

                            don't expect new from SE at this 3GSM congress, remember the last years event? no highly awaited K800 released at 3GSM, instead they were released after 3GSM. i think it's CEBIT. then remember when did P800,P900,P910 and P990 launched? it's between october to december. so don't expect something new apart from the W880 and others.=D

                              • c
                              • castor troy
                              • NQe
                              • 16 Feb 2007

                              Im a big fan of sony ericsson because of k750i and I've been using this phone for 2 years. I believe k750 is SE's biggest success so far. I would have replaced this if k800/k810 is not bulky/awful looking phone and with megabass.

                              Still loyal to SE though. Ill wait for the 5MP cybershot phone

                                • j
                                • josh
                                • 4vs
                                • 16 Feb 2007

                                i agree with dave. SE is rolling out little by little to the top.. not taking chances on lossing big on hightech phones like nokia is.. a mean who would want to buy a $500-$700 phone.. very little. SE is doing what the ppl want.. and at very low cost also.

                                  • S
                                  • Sam
                                  • Tt0
                                  • 16 Feb 2007

                                  Hi. any ideas what camera was used to take the conference in Barcalona pictures? Fantastic detail and colours.



                                    • s
                                    • sam
                                    • nqp
                                    • 16 Feb 2007

                                    what's new in imate(qtek) phones? and what's new is se?

                                    where are they?

                                      • H
                                      • Harlekkin
                                      • U6S
                                      • 16 Feb 2007

                                      5 Mpx CCD, 3 x Optical Zoom SHARP 910SH.
                                      VGA ASV LCD screens (640 x 480px)

                                      This is what SHARP had to offer. I hoped you guys could have had a look and reported!!!

                                        • a
                                        • avinersan
                                        • pr3
                                        • 16 Feb 2007

                                        k like where tf is sony
                                        i'm a sony fan(althow at the moment i havea a blueangel)and i'm cheking evry day to see what sony brings new ,but all i see is motorola,noikia, samsun and some not as big players like htc and neonode(not as big as nokia ,sony ,samsung ,motorola)