Oppo R7 Plus review: Monster truck

11 September, 2015
Bezelless it was going to be, the first of its kind, but the Oppo R7 Plus didn’t quite live to the promised edge-to-edge display. Yet, you’d be foolish to dismiss it on those grounds alone, as there’s so more to a smartphone than the size of its frame.

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  • Mubarak

Can't update software and even play store can't work

This is the most underrated Smart phone in the market!

  • mkk

I like oppo cameraphone

  • hj

Sorry have isuses loading skype, or Zeroner / gDMSS Lite as it says it is blocked

  • AnonD-565844

Spec made me grab this beauty is
1. FHD 6' AMOLED display
2. 77% screen to body ratio and very compact metal body
3. 8MP, 13MP cameras
4. nice scr off gestures

  • Shoaib

Kabir Rana, 11 Sep 2015Without having FM feature and limiting dual sim feature by ... moreI m satisfied but No. FM radio and 2Sim for memory card is missing.

  • Praveen

Battery backup very worst of if use net and high brightness..

  • Inayat

rj23, 14 Sep 2015The design and 3GB oF RAM are won by Oppo obviously but tha... moreSony C5 use Mediatek MT6752 chipset, which is Chinese, while R7 Plus uses Snapdragon.

  • avsroy

I am using this phone for about 2 months now. Usage is full-on as my daily driver with 4 active email accounts (one for work), Flipboard,WA, FB, LI, Skype,TuneIt and now Apple Music too :-) Not had a single issue, lag, hang or anything like that. Battery life is good - easily makes it to 24 hours on single SIM 3G. I do feel that browser battery life could meet more optimized. 2 small OS updates already pushed to the phone OTA. Camera and the app is great. It is a pricy device, but have no regrets at all. My other device is the Ascend Mate2 4G which is a true workhorse and is still going strong after 15 months of use. Though not as slick as the R7 Plus, it does have better battery life but with a lower resolution screen and lower processor.

  • Jack

Stop being phone racist.

oppo has better metal build quality compare to ifrag and samsung.
NFC? How many people would use it in the percentage of whole world?

I've owned note 4, asus zenfone 6 before, and i dont even go to that function although it has. This phone can last for 2 days on heavy gaming and recent messaging apps.

if you judge a phone just according to the brand, then you are wrong and phone racist. bare in mind, even iphone material are cheap build and made in china.

  • prakash

Too good cell phone but so much costly....pocket not allow

  • Funmap

rj23, 14 Sep 2015The design and 3GB oF RAM are won by Oppo obviously but tha... moreHey, Sony C5 has a very small battery and barely lasts a day.

  • Funmap

The phone does have a sreen flash which is actually as strong as the single front facing LED flash of the Honor 7.

  • Procules

Damn this phone! They copied the huwie mate 7 design!!

  • jaden

I'm suprized, that this has no fm radio and nfc.
I should like it but, it makes me stop to buy it though.

  • mrsim

as an owner of their flagship "find 7" what users here may not know or understand is this...

1) build quality..they do know how to build a quality device and never hold back on using the best hardware in all aspect's of the device
2) warranty...you can root,customize,flash,and you need not worry about voiding your warranty...in fact this company encourage it and a quick visit to their forums or XDA will show you that for sure,(for the find 7/7a at least),there are plenty of roms available to flash...only one kernel though which is a bit of a downer..although 'oppo' do send out developer units to custom rom teams,(TeamEOS have theirs and have already pushed out TWRP for the R7 andthere is also an official TWRP for that particular device as well,'nameless rom' 'omni rom' to name a few),
3) their reputation for updates is pretty bad,apart from always being late to the party where android versions are concerned they also have a rep for not updating the 'R' series so what you see is what you usually get so do not expect the R7 to get it's 5.1.1 fix as the reviewer mentioned they are still waiting for this to happen
4) the company is owned by a conglomerate called 'BBK' who also own 'oneplus' and 'Vivo' and oneplus also share the factory where these two devices are produced,(not sure about vivo though),
5) yes they are very over priced but when compared to the samsung and sony's of this world are still cheaper than your average $1000 for an S6+ which we all know is daylight robbery
6) always buy the device from a reputable official seller as if bought from any old shop over in china your oppo warranty will not mean anything as in china you can walk into an oppo store and get an instant on the spot fix for your device
7) find 9 soon to be announced with top specs...SD810,4gb ram etc etc...keep your eyes peeled it's announced this week i think
8) the oppo development team work closely with the users on the forum to always improve the system UI colorOS,this also means you can participate in their beta program...problem is that their rom colorOS is always in beta even when stable...also they do make funky decisions from time to time like getting rid of the app drawer even after an overwhelming vote against it from the users there in an online poll from the company themselves
9) chinese users/customers ALWAYS come first and get the better deal

nobi, 12 Sep 2015Oppo R7 Plus better in some aspect vs Sony Xperia C5 Ultra.... moreThe design and 3GB oF RAM are won by Oppo obviously but that's it for Oppo's R7 Plus! C5 Ultra beats the R7 Plus in benchmarks tests, camera, screen (with nearly zero side bezzels.) and overall experience plus the price is cheaper considering it is Sony and it is a much trusted company than that of the Chinese Oppo company.

  • Gibby

AnonD-259899, 13 Sep 2015They are using an amoled panel that isn't anywhere near as ... moreI agree.
I don't have any first hand experience, but I get the impression these Oppo devices are lesser quality, poorly implemented devices that are cobbled together to attempt to win spec wars in the hope of some sales with 'reassuringly expensive' price tags.
The amount I use a smartphone - I think I'd prefer something more refined and reliable.
I could be wrong though. But their association with the OnePlus brand doesn't inspire confidence! :S

  • Gibby

AnonD-142922, 12 Sep 2015But STILL that nfc is useless because google not doing anyt... moreNo so
There are plenty of credit card and banking apps that make use of NFC payment - even here in Canada (sadly, usually the last place on earth to receive anything tech wise!). In the London England they're using it to pay for travel on the underground trains. Tap touch machines are becoming way more common.
I'm sorry if you live in a part of the world where this isn't the case.

  • Anonymous

Very good mobiles and very slim good colitis