Sony Xperia M5 review: Changing swim lanes

16 September, 2015
Sony’s tight flagship release schedule went in overdrive this season with the Z3+, Z4v and the Z5 all right on each other’s heels. Making no attempt to slow down, the Japanese are taking that spirit to the midrange as well. What are you waiting for? Upgrade.

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  • Stinger430

Awesome phone. Been waiting for this review for a while. I hope they can resolve the performance issues before long.

  • AnonD-85136

Great phone

  • Tee

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015Does anyone know if this phone will have fingerprint sensor... moreNope, only the Z5 line will have it.

  • AnonD-294887

The camera samples look like something printed on embossed paper at times. Sony and their overdone post-processing strike again, I guess. The details are quite nice otherwise, though.

  • Anonymous

I don't think this phone is that attractive

  • AnonD-265341

Great review and a absolutely awesome phone. My hat is off!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if this phone will have fingerprint sensor for security?