Sony Xperia M5 review: Changing swim lanes

16 September, 2015
Sony’s tight flagship release schedule went in overdrive this season with the Z3+, Z4v and the Z5 all right on each other’s heels. Making no attempt to slow down, the Japanese are taking that spirit to the midrange as well. What are you waiting for? Upgrade.

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  • AnonD-739037
  • 3xK
  • 20 Feb 2018

My sony xperia m5 has not updated. Because ican try somany time.but could not insalled. 639 MB is a dayes another message is coming,that is unfurtunatly system UI has stopped then phone is shutdown.what can I do.pls give me saggetion.

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    • AnonD-699265
    • f}I
    • 11 Sep 2017

    [deleted post]I have sony f***** m5 and I have power bank 15000mah.any time conect with power bank.when im ful charge my power bank m5 battery life exellent.If anybody like to buy this sony m5 first read how to live in a hell with smart phone.after that you confident for use this f**** m5.
    Thank you sony company to gave me like this smart phone and I already learn how to stay calm and use this f***** m5.
    Thank you very much again again and again.
    I never ever buy this sony phone ever
    Thank you again

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      • Al
      • Lxk
      • 25 Jul 2017

      Well, I had the #autoshutdown and #overheat problem with some SIM carriers. All I had to do was downgrade to lollipop 5.0 and everything works fine. It's a great phone

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        • AnonD-627680
        • 6js
        • 02 Jan 2017

        AnonD-537066, 14 May 2016DON´T!!! To much money to deal with your phone being ... moreto problem ultimately was the battery of .the battery first generation is not good.bay two generation battery after market original and since then not again was closed again
        battery factories
        15w44 1285-4256,2
        battery after market 3 generation
        15w44 1294-4936,3
        take new batary

        the last number to be three (3) and Phone not ever again was closed suddenly.

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          • Anonymous
          • v0q
          • 14 Nov 2016

          Nice specs but too much bad reviews. Should I but it or not?

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            • Suryaprasath
            • D0f
            • 04 Nov 2016

            When I use normal whatsapp and Facebook, you tube and hike only
            #Battery life
            Battery life is very very bad I'm charging two times in a day

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              • sabuj
              • U@$
              • 22 Oct 2016

              Battary life is too short.

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                • AnonD-600369
                • tu6
                • 21 Oct 2016

                5months using m5 dual.
                Cons :
                1) overhate (cant playing game because feel Dam hot you know?)
                2) camera are often not function (needs to restard)
                3) no gyro so I cant take panorama 360 degree
                4) the camera too slow to taking picture compare to iPhone.
                5) charging Dam slow
                6) sometimes auto shutdown :(
                Pros :
                1) the camera capture very nice picture
                2) selfie camera Dam good
                3) the UI is great
                4) stamina mood pretty good

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                  • waji
                  • tet
                  • 23 Sep 2016

                  This product is worst sm phone ever. I had used almost one month. Display of the phone was getting blink and finally got dimm. Don't buy this mess guys ..........

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                    • Sam
                    • X}t
                    • 22 Sep 2016

                    I have updated My sony M5 phn.but when I was took eka selfie with my phn,the picture that I took was blured.and there was no option to auto focus in front I have to put lolipop again to get maximum use of front camer
                    a.why was that????

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                      • Anonymous
                      • v{Z
                      • 25 Aug 2016

                      phone is nice

                        • j
                        • jimmy
                        • KZ8
                        • 06 Aug 2016

                        Why Sony m5 dual autostart? Sandiiii.....

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                          • justmeryck
                          • PGH
                          • 30 Jul 2016

                          rocky , 07 Jun 2016guys i have decided to buy this model reasons;21mp and 13mp... moreI bought this phone sony experia m5 I just use 1 monht then become auto shutdown. When I bring back to service center have broken piece inside they say due to drop impact. En waraanty is void for that cause.i just drop the phone in around my knees high en carpeted flooring with survivor casing. How is that possible if we buy original phone. En use for only one mont?

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                            • gab
                            • v0q
                            • 10 Jun 2016

                            AnonD-442158, 28 Apr 2016"...but the test results we got seem way out of check, so w... morei know right? its been almost half a year and they still dont have a retail unit to test, and the phone's about to be phased out for the new X series. maybe GSMA doesnt plan to re-review the phone anymore.

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                              • rocky
                              • 7tE
                              • 07 Jun 2016

                              guys i have decided to buy this model reasons;21mp and 13mp camera and water resistance up to 1.5m in 25k and u guys have any suggestions about other devices with this qualities under 25k

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                                • REX
                                • KAe
                                • 04 Jun 2016

                                can i play 4 heavy games with no problem's?????????

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                                  • K P Surampalli
                                  • XPD
                                  • 31 May 2016

                                  I am using this from 9+ months have big trouble that it batteey drain within 4 hours.

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                                    • Listener
                                    • PSv
                                    • 26 May 2016

                                    Your are already sure that you are not a liar

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                                      • AnonD-539192
                                      • rKJ
                                      • 19 May 2016

                                      Tell me sony xperia m5 dual has no lagging problem while playing games and muktitasking used.....

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                                        • Mouse
                                        • rvp
                                        • 17 May 2016

                                        AnonD-537066, 14 May 2016DON´T!!! To much money to deal with your phone being ... moreTake your phone back to the place you board it from, they have to send in, they will change the battery my phone have than the same.