Sony Xperia M5 review: Changing swim lanes

16 September, 2015
Sony’s tight flagship release schedule went in overdrive this season with the Z3+, Z4v and the Z5 all right on each other’s heels. Making no attempt to slow down, the Japanese are taking that spirit to the midrange as well. What are you waiting for? Upgrade.

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  • AnonD-537435

what's gyro sensor
what i would lose if i don't have in the mobile
As M5 does not have gyro

  • melkott

i use z3 for 10 day i feel its old qualty phone now iam using m5 and its very good then z3

  • AnonD-537066

Sameeea, 13 May 2016Please advice.. I love the looks and specs of M5 but really... moreDON´T!!! To much money to deal with your phone being a pain in the butt
I got it and I want to throw it away very often, like every day or 2. It keeps turning off if there is a change on the signal, even in the intensity and the only way to turn it on again is plug it to electricity or with a portable charger wich I did. Now I have to carry my phon and the portable charger everywhere. For some reason it works for a few seconds perfectly to turn it on again, but I tried to charge it and it wont take the charge from the charger, when other phones do.

Don´t buy it!!

  • Sameeea

Please advice.. I love the looks and specs of M5 but really got confused by the reviews.. Should I buy it or not??

  • Raymond

Bought this phone M5 the phone just go blank when a call come in its a very bad phone and also b3does not last. I will have to take it back it's good on paper yet very poor on its performance

  • Cathy

I bought my M5 last January,2016 and i thought that its ok if my phone get hot when I'm using it but this May1 my phone just shutdown and never open again so i go to technician to check it then he found out that the mother board of my M5 get burn due to too much heat. Worse phone ever!!!!!

  • AnonD-442158

"...but the test results we got seem way out of check, so we promise to retest the battery once we get a retail review unit."

Has the mailman got stuck somewhere??? Everyone, let's pray for the mailman and the M5 unit in his bag a safe trip to GSMA headquarters!

  • AnonD-526430

Gary, 17 Feb 2016I want to buy Sony M5 Gold colour could u please advise me ... moreOut the box you can see your revision number., mine's 4 :)

  • Ariong

I bought xperia M5 March 27, 2016. It went off Arpil 8, 2016. I thought it was only lowbat so I charged it for 5 hours when I turn it on, nothing happen, phone is dead. I went to the sonny store, they told me that they have a problem like this on the first batch, but mine is not from first batch. So there is a problem on this kind of unit. Pls don’t sell defective CP.

  • AnonD-451592

AnonD-522901, 05 Apr 2016Lol shouting down problem is one of the main problems on th... moreI know,I have a friend who had this phone.I've told him after this bad experience to buy a samsung,an iPhone or anything else,but he was so in love with sony's design so he boughout a Sony z5,again he had problems like weak camera when zooming,overheat,autoclosing camera when using 4K recording etc.

  • AnonD-522901

Gary, 17 Feb 2016I want to buy Sony M5 Gold colour could u please advise me ... moreDon't buyit worse phone I ever bought.....

  • AnonD-522901

Got my Sony Xperia m5 dual E5663 phone for a month now well -2 week's
As a camera 🎥 brilliant very good... But as a phone 📱 rubbish is the best word to describe it in the 2week's that I got to use it keetp shutting down were the only way to turn it back on is plug 🔌 the charger no reset button works!! so if u r stuck in a emergency or need to use that brilliant camera 🎥 hard luck 🍀 u probably should get another phone 😂.. Ps even after been fixed apparently.. Still same problem..

  • AnonD-522901

AnonD-451592, 09 Jan 2016M5 is better only on "paper",the a8 is 100 times better bec... moreLol shouting down problem is one of the main problems on the m5 keep away from this better off with a cubot or some other cheap Chinese make my m5 got some miles now but not in my pocket all done by post to the repair services!!!!!! My wife's cubot over a year old no problems at all..

  • AnonD-519153

I was buy this M5 phone before 2 weeks back, all are okay but I am suffering for over heating...!!!!! so what I do??? plz comment........

  • pravin

candid, 30 Dec 2015most probably its due to the over heat.. as a preventive me... morethey r actuly stupid peoples its great phone ever nd they purches duplicate model in this serise i thnk so

  • AnonD-510199

AnonD-502449, 17 Feb 2016Ok, I bought this Item today... my seler says its not the f... moreIt is a great smartphone and took 5 months and no problem to care for your equipment

  • AnonD-502449

Ok, I bought this Item today... my seler says its not the first or second batch, but the 5th!
So, let see is it really that fucked up as everyone says.
I will post totally honest coments based on a buissness use rather than gaming. (I will do more like multitasking and pictures, also multi browser windows)

  • sk

Not satisfied with M5 because of heating problem.

  • Gary

I want to buy Sony M5 Gold colour could u please advise me how can i check phone is First batch phone or 2nd batch phone.

  • AnonD-500564

I have used Sony Xperia M5 Dual for a month now (India)......It is an amazing phone, great camera ( my friend's who own Iphone6s and Galaxy 6+ use my phone's camera for selfie and pictures generally), never lags, great dual sim support, amazing sony sync and now can sync Linkedin with my calendar, great looks too, strong and also lightweight, speaker sound is great too, battery life is good (works well for a day and a half if u play no games), i am a hardcore user of phone so mine drains fast bt really a great purchase with all the features..great buy in its price range ( even better than its competitors in higher price range)