Meizu MX5 review: Amaze U

13 October, 2015
Another Fall, another flagship season. Unlike Samsung or Apple, Meizu was the first to announce its next major smartphone - the MX5 and while we may be a bit late with this review it was certainly something we were looking forward to as Meizu devices tend to always be nicer than expected...

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YuuuuuP, 13 Oct 2015What's the point of that review ? The phone is completely u... moreNot even slightly interested, but just a quick Google search tells me that Meizus are available in India!

But I too, don't like this new GSMA trend of reviewing everything which is released!

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    • Der
    • Yc3
    • 14 Oct 2015

    Mx4 pro: Jan 13 2015
    Mx5 rev: Oct 13 2015

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • iie
      • 13 Oct 2015

      Mediatek have issues with GPS lock..
      Any reason this was not tested in this review???

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        • Anonymous
        • awX
        • 13 Oct 2015

        so excited for your meizu pro 5 review! your reviews are the most reliable, keep them coming

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          • hemedans
          • Q}4
          • 13 Oct 2015

          mediatek did it again, huge battery with mediocre endurance

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            • Tonald Drump
            • iUs
            • 13 Oct 2015

            The buck stops at
            "No microSD card slot
            64GB option is hard to get"...
            If you elect me, I will make sure they never make a phone without microSDick

              • Y
              • YuuuuuP
              • pyh
              • 13 Oct 2015

              What's the point of that review ? The phone is completely unavailable out of China, and after sale service unexistent.

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                • Anonymous
                • 3aK
                • 13 Oct 2015

                What a rather nice phone. Very admirable. Meizu are on the rise.