Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+: Double positive

15 October, 2015
3D Touch or curved Edge screen? Metal or glass? LCD or AMOLED? iOS or Android? Speed and silky-smooth response or heavy-duty multitasking? These are the questions and no one’s got better answers than you. And if the answers consistently put you on this or that side of the line, you know all there is to know.

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  • Jack wonder

Looks like iPhone beats Samsung in term of graphic performances 😂

  • Anonymous

Samsung galaxy s6 edge

  • Secure

Haider , 11 Jan 2016Iphone is so awesome and power fullSamsung best ever.
You can't compare iPhone to Samsung.
I love the waterproof.
Samsung all the way...

  • josteady


  • dbrc

IPhone6s+ Samsung edge+ to phone is gud but
some feature different first apple phone is awesome ios 9 very fast camera clarity is gooooddď
cmpar Samsung single sim not gud to Android version clarity is gud battery performance super producing Samsung phone featurenot bad u know
all branded phone like some feature orprice u select

  • AnonD-328115

Been a fan of apple products since.. Durability wise it's been proven! ATM using iPhone 6s Plus/64GB/space gray. Haven't have encountered any probs since my Unboxing early this year month of Jan. Superb battery life as well and the charger a lightening at that! 👍🏻😍

  • AnonD-478264

These two will continue to battle it out for a long time before one of them makes an ultimate phablet ... so while everyone is whining that either of the phone's they like is the best it's pretty much not up to us to decide but as to how the manufacturers do their work

P/S I'm team Samsung all the way

  • iphone 6s pluse


  • Nick

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Lol. Cute attempt. But horrible fail. A few problems. iPhone ... moreNo, S6 did not mop the floor with Iphone. If you read the whole test, you would have seen the closing sentence. Iphone has a better score in thinhs which are important, such as a stable and non-legging os. Everything else is not as important. I would always rather have a phone which doesn't leg and in everything else is almost perfect than a phone which will start to leg after a few months use, which is a common thing in android phones. And one more thing. Why would I want to have a clock which is vonstantly present on my screen, which is, btw, amoled? I really hate those burn-ins. Iphone 6 s plus wins where it counts. Over and out

  • sandy

Grate comparison , helped a lot

  • Anonymous

According to me galaxy s6edge plus is much better then iPhone, one I can say that you can share files,apps with every other type mobile through zapya and other apps but iPhone what ever you in it that's all nothing u will get more, whenever you want to download any apps it's not very much easy, you can't share anything with your friends.

  • Anonymous

IPHONE is the best but ithink about water proof.SAMSUNG also best

  • Mathen

I have being a long user for Samsung , Its good and technically compatible.
But i am changed upside down when i used I phone 6S plus !
Its magnificent Giant ! , I am speechless before her performance , accuracy and technical lab. We experience that we are safe and protected .
Now i am proud to conclude an I phone user will not skip to Samsung anymore ,
Immersible experience.
Hats off to Steve Jobs and team !

  • ankush

Samsung is the best for use .6sedge plus

  • Azhar

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2015iPhone does not have best camera, flashlight ,speaker,screen ,di... moreSamsung is far better then apple

  • AnonD-314301

Is it me or Apple iPhones' "Live Photos" a cheap ripoff of the Lumias' "Living Images??

  • Khan

Samsang s6 nice mobile

  • semaj

iphone is the best!! i don't care if you hate iphone.... don't worry cause i hate samsung phones too!!

  • TechnologyFan:)

Lol...all those debating about S6 Edge+ being better than the iPhone 6S+ or vice versa.

Samsung has made a great phone here--the Galaxy S6 Edge+ certainly looks beautiful, with its curved edges. The 1440×2560 resolution on that large Super AMOLED screen looks amazingly crispy , and the camera is no slacker as well. Both the selfie and rear camera does their job well, the image quality of both are very good. The Exynos 7420 manufactured in-house by Samsung is no doubt one of the top mobile processors of 2015 , overtaking Qualcomm's Snapdragon S810 (overheating issues as well as lower performance), being one of the multi-core benchmarking and performance kings. Note : I did say multi-core. The build quality feels awesome as well---metal and glass. (WHOO PREMIUM). The battery isn't half bad, lasting about a full day (for me, who games and youtubes quite a lot [5h] as well as making calls and stuff)

That being said, the iPhone 6S+ is also not losing to the S6 Edge+. There is the unchanging metal design of the iPhone , the powerful Twister cores...which obliterates the Exynos 7420 in single core performance but falls short for multi core.

It all boils down to preference , like GSMArena already stated. The S6 Edge+ starts with 32GB of storage, and has a design that stands out and is really unique. It also runs Android, which is a more free and customizable platform compared to iOS.The resolution is also higher(seriously, 1080P to 1440P is a lot sharper) Not to mention the cameras, which are slightly better in my opinion.
The iPhone 6S+ would be a bit faster for its single core performance and the so-called non-laggy platform iOS.

Hope this helped, coming from a person who uses and owns both phones.
I personally prefer the S6 Edge+.

  • Anonymous

Rizwan, 07 Dec 2015Most people buy Apple becoz of prestige but still Samsung owns t... moreYou forgot Mercedes