Motorola Moto X Play review: Crowd pleaser

16 October, 2015
The Moto X Play is the balancing act between the Moto G and Moto X Style with a tendency to aim high instead of settle for less. At 5.5 inches in diagonal its display still puts it in phablet territory, leaving the Moto G (3rd gen) to cater to compact phone lovers.

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  • Gulab
  • v$A
  • 01 Apr 2019

I am using Moto x play from last about 3 years .The problems I an facing is Camera which frequently stops and specially when in need .The Torch stops opening .I gave it to Lenovo ( Moto)service centre twice but the problem still persists. I am really frustrated .Not possible to spend whole
Day for going to Service Center and waiting their for 2/3 hours.
Whether the Company has any option on this ..

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    • rohit
    • 7ki
    • 18 Jul 2018

    siva, 10 Dec 2017my problem jio sim only work.any other sim like airtel,idea... moreyou should try to format your moto x play

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      • Anonymous
      • MZx
      • 25 Jun 2018

      Sujay, 21 Oct 2016Purchased moto x play six months back but for the past coup... moreI had the same problem. It went away when I cleared cache memory...

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        • CBSAMSUNNY
        • KAQ
        • 25 Apr 2018

        ranji, 13 Feb 2017I want to choose from moto x play, moto m and vivo v5... i ... moredont buy moto x play,

        buy oppo f7

          • s
          • siva
          • D0e
          • 10 Dec 2017

          my problem jio sim only work.any other sim like airtel,idea its not work.its displayed no sim card. please any one give solution.

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            • melbin
            • RK0
            • 14 Feb 2017

            ranji, 13 Feb 2017I want to choose from moto x play, moto m and vivo v5... i ... moremoto x play is better

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              • ranji
              • RK0
              • 13 Feb 2017

              I want to choose from moto x play, moto m and vivo v5... i am confused.. please suggest me a phone of good qualities and longer service capabilities...

                • J
                • JAI
                • 5}p
                • 12 Jan 2017

                I hate MotoXPlay. Utter waste mobile. I will never buy Motorola mobiles again in my life time. Yesterday, I was forced to do system software upgrade.(Earlier, I skipped multiple times). This time, it was kept on popping up new software upgrade. After upgrade, lost signal. After multiple times, reboot and network search, no signal. The highlight was after installation, extend memory got corrupted. This happens to me second time. It was big blunder, I bought a MotoXPlay. When I bough the new mobile, extended memory card was not detected. Replaced motherboard. Plain Android version, no user friendly application. It is a complete waste mobile model.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • ypd
                  • 25 Nov 2016

                  Anonymous, 18 Apr 2016how can i use my songs for ringtones...I already have them ... moreMoto x play doesn't have a file manager first you download esfile explorer then go to sound and notification then select phone ring tone there u can select your song from the file explorer then select the song

                    • S
                    • Sujay
                    • uu}
                    • 21 Oct 2016

                    Purchased moto x play six months back but for the past couple of days facing battery problem. Battery is heating up and getting drained very fast.
                    Kindly suggest!!!!

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                      • AnonD-598835
                      • 7t$
                      • 17 Oct 2016

                      AnonD-125338, 09 Oct 2016Moto X play with 32gb and Power chargeri am since using one year ago but no issues video calling support or not if support tell me what i can do.

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                        • AnonD-125338
                        • tt1
                        • 09 Oct 2016

                        Moto X play with 32gb and Power charger

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                          • AnonD-592460
                          • Ixk
                          • 03 Oct 2016

                          I got this phone thinking it would be great, but its horrible. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. It rarely works properly, it can't read SD cards, you can't have music without an SD card, if you have to factory reset, it won't sync back to google so all of your apps, photos, etc. will be gone. I've received help from my warranty provider, their advice didn't help. But They did say this is quite common. That's my experience. Maybe it's just a dud that came out of the factory, but I will never own this phone again.

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                            • Prakash
                            • GQQ
                            • 24 Sep 2016

                            Priya, 30 Nov 2015I have purchased moto x play recently. Can someone tell me ... moredownload any amera app for using selfie stick ,,, exa,ple like you cam etc.... in tht u can use selfie stick

                              • D
                              • David
                              • Nug
                              • 18 Sep 2016

                              I love Moto hand work that's a smart phone I use moto X now but ma nest is moto X play.for me I think moto is the best so far tru or does?

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                                • sandy dolas
                                • uuA
                                • 05 Aug 2016

                                snehal, 01 Jul 2016Who is the best phone j7 6 or moto g4+ or moto x play a... moreyes dear moto x plya this is good phone

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                                  • AnonD-565742
                                  • i{m
                                  • 29 Jul 2016

                                  I have the moto g n it sux I lose calls all time n memory sux I only have fb n music one channel from the music n memory icon is always on even after I delte msgs call log n keep few pix it is horrible for memory

                                    • s
                                    • snehal
                                    • rAU
                                    • 01 Jul 2016

                                    Who is the best phone j7 6 or moto g4+ or moto x play
                                    all over good phone plz help. ..

                                      • a
                                      • ammu
                                      • 7t{
                                      • 20 Jun 2016

                                      what is on the left side of the upper speaker on moto x play

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • te3
                                        • 12 Jun 2016

                                        X play is single sim or duak sim