Samsung Gear S2 review: Shifting gears around

4 November, 2015
Samsung is definitely a veteran on the smartwatch scene, perhaps even more so than LG. The Korean giant has already done a few experiments in the field, some of which arguably quite successful, but the Gear S2 might just be the biggest one yet.

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  • jessie

Open this samsung S2 classic

  • Monty

Does it work with a Sam. J2?

  • AnonD-13031

On the grape vine from Samsung, support for IOS will be ready at the official launch of IOS 9.3

  • Anonymous

does not pair with samsung J7. yeah! it is very good.

  • Anthony W

AnonD-259759, 06 Nov 2015That's why I would never allowed them on my wrist.Well, when they went from horse drawn wagons to cars that had to be filled with gas often, someone probably said the same thing.

  • Dedi

Please help how to pairing with tab s because can not detect, thanks.

  • AnonD-426702

JD, 04 Nov 2015What a delusional and blind fanboy u are..... Apple Watch s... more(double post sorry)

  • AnonD-426702

JD, 04 Nov 2015What a delusional and blind fanboy u are..... Apple Watch s... more1) Mind your language. It's not cool to have such a big mouth behind the safety of your keyboard. Most people like you, don't dare talk the same way, when they risk their teeth (i.e. when face-2-face, because I figure you need explanation).

2) Really it sells so good? This is why Apple lowered the price? (a first for the company for a current version device) Where are your data coming from? Give links or go away. And no, Apple fan sites don't count.

3) You realize you don't give any real argument right? Just saying.

  • titomorais

Considering that vibration is one of the most important means of notification, it is a major flaw in almost every single review on most sites that people dont mention how stronh it is in real life use and by consequence if you can miss or not notifications or tell them apart!
Please take that in consideration on your reviews.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015You are right, many tend to forget that Samsung (and all bi... moreYou shouldn't speak when you don't know what you're talking about. Android is open source, OEMs can add anything they want to it. New tech has been continually introduced by OEMs, including heart rate monitor, S-Pen, multi-window, UV detector on Samsung phones, none of which was available with Android at the time they were released.

This is the main reason Android has surpassed iOS so quickly, though iOS came out first.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-364786, 06 Nov 2015even now , samsung knows only how to add additional cores ;... moreIf you had half a brain you'd know its been quadcores since ages ago, and hasn't moved from there.

  • Optional

heynekko, 06 Nov 2015Lol at you for believing rumors.. Did you know that the tou... moreLooks like your points are somehow resonable but somehow you ignored the fact that the screens of notes only sense the force by the wacom pen, not the finger

  • Anonymous

it's just stupid to see apple watch after seeing gear s2

people look stupid wearing that ugly apple watch but they don't know that

  • Raky

No point for devices which can't do at least a week on battery.
I count steps, it tracks sleep...and what's the time to get it on charger!?
Whenever you put it to charge, it will lose time and information.

  • AnonD-463014

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015Sony has no voice service on their own. You are basically c... moreThe Sony AndroidWear watch uses Google's Voice features which have a much better success rate.

  • AnonD-434924

where is the camera????????

why all the new smartwatch missing camera

  • AnonD-463263

Amazing how 'not working with ios' is marked as a bad point, and yet when GSM reviewed the Apple Watch, the fact that it only works with ios and nothing else wasn't mentioned. Strange.

  • AnonD-364786

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015and also 64bit ~~ that time samsung only know put lot of lo... moreeven now , samsung knows only how to add additional cores ;-)

mediated beat exynos by going deca core :P

  • AnonD-133578

I am a Sony fans, but I like this innovation. I have been watching the video of this smartwatch, it is very impressive.. Must try it.... :)

  • AnonD-411799

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2015I like the Gear S2. You dont. I like it so that is whats im... moreso go buy it. whos stopping you... may be you should wait for gear s2 mini or gear s2 grand version.