Huawei Mate S review: Precision styled

18 November, 2015
The Huawei Mate S is somewhat of a weird fit in Huawei's current device lineup. It is not the eagerly anticipated successor to the Mate7 (that would be the soon to be announced Mate 8), nor is it part of the Honor family, or bothered with an Ascend moniker.

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  • A Man

This phone pretty much sucks specs wise for its price range, but all its good for IMO is the looks.

Novage, 19 Nov 2015You are wrong. The Kirin 935 is more powerful than the S615You know how to read? Read it again carefully and checking the benchmark score. Which GPU is better?

  • Anonymous

For the same or less price you have devices a lot better than this crap like lg g4,galaxy s6,note5,sony z5...
and the performance of the GPU is an autenthic shame !!!!!!

  • Sam

AnonD-105074, 19 Nov 2015copy HTC maxStop blaming who copied who .
If it copied htc max as u say then i would say it looks extremly beautiful then htc max and even htc one series .

I don't give a f**k who copied who ; i just want a premium expirience with good price
And to that point i think Huawei Mate S delivers exacltly where it needs to .

  • AnonD-105074

copy HTC max

  • AnonD-52302

performance, 19 Nov 2015the performance really dissapointing esp the GPU.. this is ... moreI never, NEVER, play games on my phone... i need the power for other things, don't have time... So, I would take this over any other "GForce" phone any time of the day, specially for the lower price!
I see a great logic in puting the lesser graphic - it is simply not for gaming.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2015Did those phone makers think the battery life of their phon... moreNo they think that it is juuust enough and once li-ion cells start losing their capacity you'd *need* a new phone, as the above fact , combined with the sealed battery makes it a hassle to replace the battery.

It's genius actually, I don't blame them, I blame the consumers who continue to buy from those that dupe them...

  • Funky Monkey

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2015Yea. It also looks like a HTC unibody with a Samsung camera... moreAn older HTC, the HD2 had the same protruding camera lens.
A Huawei's back looks like a HTC's, no one bats an eye.
A HTC's back looks like an iPhone's (which actually looks like a previous HTC model's) and everyone loses their mind.

The bottom line is: this phone looks like a HTC so Huawei also stole the design from Apple.

huhihe, 19 Nov 2015crap GPU score, can't even compete with SD 615 and the pric... moreYou are wrong. The Kirin 935 is more powerful than the S615

crap GPU score, can't even compete with SD 615 and the price is like premium flagship phone.

  • Anonymous

Note5, 19 Nov 2015Form factor looks like Letv LeMax....Yea. It also looks like a HTC unibody with a Samsung camera sticking out the back

  • Funmap

Why did you not test the selfie cam?

  • performance

the performance really dissapointing esp the GPU.. this is like mid range performance handset with flagship price tag...

  • Anonymous

battery life is bad only 60 hours rating from 2700 mAh, but at least it's better than 5x which have worse browsing and video rating.. But nevertheless it is really bad, considering iphone 6s with 1750 mAh can give 63 hours rating..

  • Bars

HTC needs to sue this shit companies.they steal ideas.CEO of Huawei, how can u live with yourself? its exactly like a copy paste of One series.

  • SANI

HYEI*I, 19 Nov 2015This phone is more expensive than Note5 in Malaysia.LOL。。。 huawei got drunk in malaysia

Form factor looks like Letv LeMax....

  • LLL

Thankfully, there is no click to reveal nightmare feature on this one.

I disagree that this is a true flagship. The specs are a little bit underwhelming, for that price.

  • dasman

Too bad the ISP on this phone ain't that the camera would be killer. The huawei mate 8 will fix things for sure!

  • dasman

About time! But priced too high