Huawei Mate S review: Precision styled

18 November, 2015
The Huawei Mate S is somewhat of a weird fit in Huawei's current device lineup. It is not the eagerly anticipated successor to the Mate7 (that would be the soon to be announced Mate 8), nor is it part of the Honor family, or bothered with an Ascend moniker.

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  • AnonD-308477

around 700usd here,way too much.

  • Julian

This is the Huawei Mate HTC One M7, everybody.

  • HYEI*I

This phone is more expensive than Note5 in Malaysia.

  • AnonD-294135

say whatever about Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm there graphics are really good

this phone price nearly as Xperia Z5 in my place

  • Anonymous

Oh that gpu performs so bad!

  • AnonD-4254

What a funny audio quality result. I didn't expect such a strange frequency response... It looks like some bass-treble enhancers were on.
Strangely, its stereo crosstalk is more in external speakers, than in headphones. This is inverse of the normal situation.
Anyhow, would love to hear this phone's audio, although I'm not keeping it.

  • Anonymous

Did those phone makers think the battery life of their phones is enough?