Meizu m1 metal review: Glitter in the dark

23 November, 2015
Meizu's Blue Charm lineup is leveling up with the latest Meizu m1 metal addition. It keeps the low-budget/high-performance profile but Meizu managed to promote the design to a new premium level without sacrificing the Blue Charm goal...

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  • AnonD-758007

How can i change all to english

  • bill

AnonD-463899, 25 Nov 2015meizu phones as well as other Chinese phones are short-lived. po... moreI own meizu m2 note for almost a year, the quality of this phone is superb. For me, meizu is one of the best phone brand.

  • AnonD-533858

LLL, 24 Nov 2015Battery life is bad at only 50 nits (its 50% is not really 50%).... moreYes that is correct. After installing background apps (Facebook + messenger) and allowing them to persist in memory (via the security app), the battery is indeed poor. Around 3:30hrs SOT to 5hrs depending on workload. My nexus 5 with its paltry battery got the same thing

  • AnonD-533858

AnonD-506809, 24 Feb 2016I had major problems with compatibility of apps that I got from ... moreAs of May 2016 this issue is resolved and the latest Facebook and messenger apps work correctly

  • AnonD-506809

I had major problems with compatibility of apps that I got from the Google play store. Facebook and its messenger didn't work. I got a working FB from the Chinese store, but even their messenger never worked - had to use third party simple messenger. Doing factory reset, lost me the Google services, but was able to get them back by getting the Google installer from the Chinese store. I got the latest beta of the OS, but nothing changed. Half the apps I use that use FB integration for login purposes, can't go through that obstacle even though FB is working. I couldn't find custom ROM or stock Android for the phone, so I ended up gifting it to a friend, as my old 60$ Doogee is a better phone for me overall :(

  • AnonD-499728

IS. OTG working in. MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 XL ? Any app. For runnnung anroid app?

  • AnonD-495022

I want to know this brand .what country made and how much is it?

  • Dan

1. When is the international version gonna be released?
2. If I buy it now it will be chinese version? Can I download and use all my favourite apps on it?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-259545, 24 Nov 2015What the f....?Meizu m1 metal is superb phone thanku meizu

  • titomorais

If the meizu metal, with its helio x10 and metal unibody, is considered in your review as a midrange, then a phone as, lets say, samsung A5 with its snapdragon 410 is not a midrange, but a well built low end, nothing more (and expensive for that matter). Quadcore 1.2 ghz was midrange when snapdragon 800 was high end. We are well ahead that. Of course i only speak mainly of the chipset and there are other aspects of the device equally important, nonetheless chipset is a main defining aspect of a device's category. This in in fact a criticism to the manufacturers that insist in using snapdragon 410 for "midrange" phones when there are better choices of chipset outhere, like helio x10, exynos 5430 or even snapdragon 800.

  • snowyoogi

I like the security feature outlined on the review that you could 'auto-kill' an app.My phone needs rooting for that to be done.Are there other phone brands that has an 'auto kill' switch/app pre-installed already?thanks in advance

  • .alpha

This looks familiar

  • khan saab

How much expandable memory

  • fandy

i own meizu m2 note, and i feel so much satisfied with this phone performance and build quality. and now there is meizu m1 metal, i want it! it is a good phone, and i think it is better than xiaomi (i compare with my friend's xiaomi note2), the user interface is smooth and light. for your information, i am not use my phone for gaming, just social media, browsing and youtube :)

  • AnonD-463899

Anonymous, 25 Nov 20151. No after sale service (some have them but not better than big... moremeizu phones as well as other Chinese phones are short-lived. poor quality .I do more than one year to withstand, without spoiling anything. I speak from experience with Chinese phones

  • Anonymous

AnonD-201598, 24 Nov 2015I don't understand the people that only buy Apple or Samsung, wh... more1. No after sale service (some have them but not better than bigger brands)
2.poor software optimisation
3.Poor branding
4.poor quality components
5.these Chinese mobiles always have some shortcomings (like one has poor screen, other has poor battery backup even after having good amount of mah)
6.the branded phone can be used for longer time as compared to these Chinese mobiles
7.more important thing is the feel of mobile on which good companies focus on rather than just fitting good processer and ram

  • AnonD-459711

Great review!

  • AnonD-457993

the tech nerd, 24 Nov 2015Does China doesn't have play store?yup,due to the Great Fire Wall,no one can use google services in China unless via VPN/proxy.

  • Efren

No Root Privileges...

  • LLL

Battery life is bad at only 50 nits (its 50% is not really 50%).
Camera is bad.
FM radio is omitted.

Wait, the price...