Sony Xperia Z5 Premium review: Premium Definition

25 November, 2015
Sony's flagships have always been playing off each other in a nice but, after a certain point, rather repetitive way. When Sony decided to pass on QHD screens, it looked like it had the right reasons to keep up with 1080p for flagship generations on end...

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where can i buy this phone and am from kenya

Xperia Mehrdad, 21 May 2018guys the headphone jack issue is because of its headphone. ... moreHave you tried "SoundAbout"? (that's the name on the GP Store.)

Personally, though, I just resorted to using good Bluetooth earphones and headphones - I got an Aukey Latitude (EP-B40) for super cheap and a Sony MDR-ZX770BN (noise canceling headphone). They both have aptX, good bass, good battery life,...

I mean, that's where we're headed now that the headphone jack is being removed...

guys the headphone jack issue is because of its headphone.
I used to use my own headphone for two years and it was ok.
then it broke and I switched to the one sony provided with the phone (MH750),
after a week or two, it messed up with the headphone jack and it doesn't detect headphone connection anymore. now I have to use a third party app to manually output the sound through the headphone jack and if I send it for repair, i'm afraid that I gonna loose waterproof thing.
please be aware that the headphone you are using go in and out smoothly.
the one sony provided and some other headphones go in hard and this gonna force the pins and push them out so the detection pin will break.

  • Raymond

Friends , 31 Jul 2017My audio jack is not working When I push hand free hard t... moreSent it for repair. Same issue and was under warranty.

  • Friends

My audio jack is not working
When I push hand free hard then only it detect and when I remove my hand it reject hand free I have not put my mobile in water. And I have cleaned the audio jack also please help thanks in advance

  • tour jack

Omid46, 07 Nov 2016Dearest.Though Note5 is good,but Z5 premium is better!!Why!... morenice sir omid46

  • AnonD-683266


  • AnonD-572347

AnonD-610880, 17 Nov 2016finally!!!!! someone with the same issue like myself, my on... moreYeap.. After some dip in water or washing, smart connect for audio jack will turn off and on. Just dry off the port using tissue. That'll help..

It would be interesting to know and confirm if the Z3 actually has slightly louder speakers sound output than the Z5 and Z5 Premium?

  • alexquisite_21

Ive been using Z5 premium dual since August'16, ive the chrome one. It looks super classy and sleek! My friends envy me for having one! =) The only thing i dont like about it is, yes, the obvious, there are times that even youre not using it, the upper back part of it will just feel so hot, the first time it happen scared the hell out of me!
But aside from that, z5 premium is really one of the best smartphones in the market now.

  • Omid46

Undoubtedly,unbiasedly speaking.I usually read all comments,reviews,views,...everywhere in 5 languages,....Z5 premium qualities are unique amongst all the old chap uncle Sony that no further omissions of qualities have been occurred in Sony's next products,....!But still constant updates happen regularly,...,Justice Rights,....

  • AnonD-610880

Hitesh_Mumbai, 05 Oct 2016hii i am using sony experia z5 premium dual for around 10 m... morefinally!!!!! someone with the same issue like myself, my only recommendation for you is to tunr off the device for 5 minutes, then turn it on... and thats it the headphone jack willl respond without a hiccup but that doesnt always happens to me (whenever i rinse my phone with water and i do it quite often honestly because i like to see everyone's expression when they see me "washing" my phone and they think i'm crazy LOL) but just rebbot your device and i advise you to not plug anything into the phone after you wash it, neither into headphone jack and obviously nor the usb charging port

  • AnonD-610880

AnonD-604387, 31 Oct 2016is this really fast charging how long will it take to fully... moreof course its waterproof... ive tested myself, z5 has ip67/68, mine is the z5 premium and i always RINSE my device with wather to wash out the fingerprints on the back panel, keep in mind that the sony disclaimer about using your phone underwater is because some stupid people dont place the sd/sim tray cover correctly so OBVIOUSLY water will enter inside the device, but as a manufactured deviced from sony, the z5 is totally capable of withstand water and dust under the limits specified by sony that is 30 minutes in 1.30 meters depth in normal water not salt water , that thing is extremely corrosive

  • AnonD-610880

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2016camera lens is sapphire or plastic ? i heard plastic lens ... moresadly... it is made of plastic.... but just get a case and you are golden, mine has no scratches ever since i bought it 4 months ago and i only bought a leather case

  • Anonymous

camera lens is sapphire or plastic ?
i heard plastic lens has risk of scratching

  • Omid46

dilaw, 08 Oct 2016winch one to buy z5 premium or the note 5. Please help me.Dearest.Though Note5 is good,but Z5 premium is better!!Why!!?You are not limited in Z5 and case of repair,you transfer data to your memory card,then before giving to service,you takeout your SIM card and memory card,so your data is not in danger!!!Another improvement point:Those brands having 32,64,128,256 MB,s of internal memory(without any exceptions!!)sell you the same specific device with four unfair unjust prices!!!Usually,a hard earning money class must pay +$500 for no reasonable logical reasons!!!?Omitting memory slot with different internal memory capacities is the ugliest worst form of deceivings!!!?Now,gsmArena is free to write facts or notify you or not!!!Please choose the most trustworthy deceit less ones!I write my comments and opinions based on my following my moral guidelines,having no relationships and enmity with no brands,but following factwritings!!Justice Rights.

  • Omid46

As long as,I remember,Sony is number 2 after Google in always constant updates and upgrades.Song and qualified coming together is usual in the world of smartdevice phones!!This premium is truly premium and everything as hardwares and softwares have been chosen with nowadays criteria!!This is undoubtedly my choices but one thing is still ambitious about Sony smartphones!!!?While the true screen of a brand goes to 89% of body ratio,bellow 75 is too much REDUNDANT BEZELS these days!!True screen for users in the unknown brand is 4 inches but not inches!!!But,I still respect Sony for being the veteran pioneer!!!Factwriting has a price too!?Omid12Omidvar.

  • AnonD-604387

is this really fast charging how long will it take to fully charge the battery and is this really waterproof? because based on some reviews its not

  • bitumahata

Very good mobile

  • dilaw

winch one to buy z5 premium or the note 5.
Please help me.