Microsoft Lumia 950 review: Legendary Edition

02 December, 2015
Microsoft Lumia 950 is the firstborn of the new Lumia series, following the company's strategy shift. It's a precisely designed smartphone with clear ideas for its future, sharp hardware choices and groundbreaking software innovations. It's an epic device based on Nokia's legacy and reborn under Microsoft's custody.

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  • Sudharsan

dosdoktor, 26 Jan 2021Bought one for $20 a pop, gonna install desktop version of ... moreWhere did you manage to buy for 20 dollars

  • dosdoktor

Bought one for $20 a pop, gonna install desktop version of Win10 21296 on it and test that x86 on ARM64 emulation...

Tommy H, 30 May 2018Love how efficient Windows is is. 48hr endurance rating is awful.48hr endurance rating is awful? Sony Xperia Z5 says hi to you.

Im buying one now under $70, still got a year before the apps have any issues (IDGAF about whats app Viber etc.) I got iphones, androids, and all unlocked just switch the sim. I am cool with the phone, the camera, some games, and a few apps I use. I dont need a ton of things I dont go on instagram or facebook anymore. Screw them, I scratched that itch. I barely use them on my laptop. Im mad that Microsoft made so many bad choices, and so many people were followers, I mean if Kim K has an iphone I gotta have one! This 80 year old lady, god rest her soulnow, but Im a computer dork, she had no idea what one was and tried to tell me about how she was getting an iphone, and how samsung make the best this. Im thinking micrcosm of the human race. And for 70 bucks, Ill buy a different phone next year when the app store shuts down, if I need to, bc if anyone has been following whats been going on, they been doing a lot of good things, people have desktop windows installed on the Windows Mobile, they got Secureboot Flaw being worked over. Microsoft should have gotten android apps somehow into the phone, might have saved it. And it IS WORTH SAVING, iphones feel like toy OS's Android is ok, feels kinda cheap t me but at least its customizable. Windows mobile feels like an adult phone to me.

  • jamc7826

The 950 is great phone yeah I admut I've bought ut 6mths ago but even still its yp there with recent counterparts its fast does what needed camera brilliant only prob is the ability to enable apps to be loaded u can side load but still only thing I dislike i cracked my screen and instead of getting new I replaced old screen the screen is brilliant u will keep this phone for next 18/1yrs thanks

  • Tommy H

Love how efficient Windows is is. 48hr endurance rating is awful.

  • AnonD-563126

I wanna buy this phone

  • avindye

I love this phone

  • CRoth

I brought my Lumina 950 in crisis my other Lumina died, I had it 4.5 yrs. When I left the AT & T store with the Lumina 950 it took a little time to get use to and work with but overall, was happy with it. However I was also trying to Refinance at the time, I was preoccupied. The phone was both burning my finger pads, and would completely die on me after it had just been fully charged. I missed important calls. I went back to at & t they told me I should go to their other store so a diagnostic test could be done to see what was wrong, I went but missed store hours. Tried again and was told I likely need a new battery, but they do not do diagnostic tests. I should return to the original store again and see if they want to help me out as it now past 14 days. These phones are not cheap, and we relay on them. I don't have time to run all over on wild goose chases. So disappointed in AT &T customer service and Microsoft Quality control. Care enough about your image, products and customer that you do not put your pardons through this. issues is still not resolved.

  • exousus

Living images actually saves the file in a .mp4 format as well. You can see that if you browse on the file manager to the photos directory

  • LessthanL337

Ive had the phone for a week. Its an awesome device. IRIS scan is fast and reliable. It even works when Im wearing sunglasses with a reflective coating.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-167064, 06 Dec 2015I still don't know if it has liquid cooling, but mine never... moreVery worst phone I never seen that this type of phone

i love the picture quality of this phone!!!

  • Anonymous

does the the FM Radio work on the 950? Microsoft says the 950 has the hardware but isn't enabled due to missing software to support. GSM Arena specs and review says phone has FM Radio but might require download of FM Radio app from store.

what's truth. Anyone actually use the FM Radio on the 950?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2015Try metrotubeTry mytube, it's even better.

  • surf 7

MirzaSohail, 11 Dec 2015Need Sincere Advice, I have shortlisted Lumia 950 ,IPhone ... moreGo for the 950 you won't be disappointed the 950 has much better layout and is faster than iphone & Samsung ok there's not so many apps but how many apps do you need ? I've always had nokias & find them amazing phones

  • Mike_The_Consumer

Very good article, really appreciate the non-bias review as many other reviewers find this difficult to do.

I must say the under the CONS, now that I have used both the iPhone 6s and the 950, I much prefer the Iris scanner, it seems to be a little more responsive than Apples fingerprint.

I have had the 950 for a week now and am absolutely loving it, Microsoft have really come up with a winner with this phone!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-475446, 12 Dec 2015I bought a 950 a week ago and I've been using it since. I k... moreTry metrotube

  • AnonD-475446

MirzaSohail, 11 Dec 2015Need Sincere Advice, I have shortlisted Lumia 950 ,IPhone ... moreI bought a 950 a week ago and I've been using it since. I keep personalizing it to my taste every now and then but other than that, it is a great phone. Before the 950, i used iphone 6 plus and Lumia 930 for over a year. Now both SIMs are in the 950.
The 950 meets all my expectations when it comes to display, UI, battery life ... etc. I'm not happy with Youtube and Whatsapp Apps on it but it is not hard to get used to them as they are. the 950 is my business companion ... so far it is just great!

Need Sincere Advice,
I have shortlisted Lumia 950 ,IPhone 6s Plus & Note 5
Currently owing note 3 but Never had used iOS before.
Well two years before I used lumia 720 and found it smooth and clean OS, but apps collection was horrible at that time and most of them were in beta and outdated.
If I go for 950 will it be a wise move or I stick with android.