Samsung Galaxy J2 review: Little things

04 December, 2015
Samsung is flying high on the wings of its flagships success, but it hasn’t turned its back on the entry-level market. The Galaxy J2 is the latest affordable smartphone by Samsung, having its sight on strengthening Samsung’s push for low-end market dominance. The Galaxy J5 and the more distant Galaxy J1 were rather successful...

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  • Showboat

The Galaxy J2 is not a good phone to own. It request you to restart every 7 days, for what? Never owned a phone that request this. When requesting information it hardly ever gives you what you're searching for. It does what it wants to do, as if being controlled. Don't like it and this particular phone should not be promoted.

  • Anonymous

This is not a good phone to own, sorry I bought it. This phone ask you every 7 days to restart your phone, for what? It's ridiculous. Never had a phone to request this type of activity. It does what it wants to do when searching for information, you ask for one thing, it gives you something else. Upset with Metro pcs for promoting this phone when their aware that it is not a good phone. Many issues.

  • Penny

I bought this phone 3 months now. Now it won't go to text or phone easily. Flashes on and off. Do not like search engine.... this galaxy j2 phone sucks....

The phone's battery backup is not so good and sometimes the phone gets a little hot after using it for quite some time but what makes it a worth buy is its quality display which clearly makes it definitely above than the rest of the phones

  • Ian

I have samsung j2 model number j200H from aboard not support 4g why

  • Shailesh kadam

Kulbir, 21 Jan 2020Nice phineyas samsun j2

  • Kulbir

Nice phine

  • steve

Ray, 24 Jan 2019I don't think there are many people who will buy a 2015 mob... morei am thinking of buying it tracfone coast 59 dollars

  • Anonymous

Any body need to access my voice mail from my galaxy j2 default code to access my voice mail

  • Payal

my phone is samsung j2, i just tried to reset . starting to be reset it showed 'no comment' befor a box. getting no way i separated the battery. again i opened the phone . but i just showing the name 'samsung ' and sound for opening. at this situation it is being remain hanged. so i cannot open my phone . please help me

  • Ray

Od , 23 Jan 2019This is a shit phone don't buy it no memory impossible to t... moreI don't think there are many people who will buy a 2015 mobile in 2019.

  • Od

This is a shit phone don't buy it no memory impossible to transfer files to sd card or computer you are better of with J1

  • Anonymous

Say Good Phone

  • shibaji

After update a new app introduced namely Zip app , very bogus app . if you optimise through smart manager ( inbuilt cleaner ) rarely used app goes to zip app & you will be searching it here n there in app tray .
more over its very difficult to un zip any app from Zip app

  • Anonymous

I like this phone very much. Handy and compact. I don't really watch video or play games on cell phone, so 4.7 inches is the perfect size for me.
I like the UI, too. Android 5.1 is neat and simple. Not as complicated as nowadays Android 7.1 Battery life is also ok if you are not a heavy user of web browsing. J2 is already good and more than enough for me, I already abandoned my Apple iPhone SE.

  • Muraidharan s

Samsung Galaxy Sm j200g very exalend phone
I am very happy

  • Manoj Tonde MH

Please please please DON'T EVER BUY J2.
All pieces have
Not only me but 80% customers facing screen problem in Samsung care office where I replaced SCREEN worth rs.3500
And new screen is also about to meet the same problem within 15 days of replacement.

So please don't think about to buy this product

  • Anonymous

Is a J2 a good phone to buy or not?

  • gautam

How can we Root J2 5 to increase internal memory and update to Marsmallow.

  • sameer

Nice phone