Microsoft Lumia 950 XL review: The Master Chief

07 December, 2015
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, the long-awaited comeback of the Windows phone phablet, is eagerly anticipated by every fan of the brand. It makes use of one of the best hardware around and it’s the perfect demo platform for all newly introduced Windows 10 Mobile features.

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  • Anonymous
  • rZ1
  • 01 Dec 2023

Dual booting to Windows 10 on ARM was pretty neat. Too bad my battery died. It's really hard to find replacement batteries for old phones. I would still be using this if not for that.

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    • Chisimdindu amalevi
    • mFd
    • 23 Sep 2023

    I love the way that the made this phone

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      • Manish
      • Dk5
      • 15 Sep 2023

      Still this phone available?

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        • still the best phone
        • 3Sf
        • 05 Nov 2021

        Specbs, 23 Dec 2016The worst mobile device I ever had period!!! The one and ON... moreI have Lumia 950XL over years and it is still the best phone for shooting photos and even for videos. Unfortunately it is not supported by app providers/developers. Who knows why !Google! :D I can compare it to many android phones and sadly none of android phone is as good as this one. And again I have to mention Microsoft sadly stopped support and quit the mobile phone development and producing...

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          • Sem911
          • mgK
          • 09 Mar 2021

          Anonymous, 01 Feb 2019This phone is unable to pair to any devicesNo it's not I use it every day in car, paired with Samsung buds, garmin watch, connect faster to car then note10+,

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            • wawah
            • uE5
            • 30 Jun 2020

            Juma, 08 Mar 2020Does this phone support both whatsapp and facebook?Unfortunately, nope! the supports ended in december last year

              Peter M, 12 Dec 2019Can any one know where to get Display of the phone plz? As... moreYou can check out Aliexpress. I found a lot of display for sale.

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                • Juma
                • NY{
                • 08 Mar 2020

                Does this phone support both whatsapp and facebook?

                  Can any one know where to get Display of the phone plz?
                  Assist me plz.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Re2
                    • 01 Feb 2019

                    This phone is unable to pair to any devices

                      Sayeed, 03 Nov 2017Can any tell me whether Lumia 950 XL has double tap wake up... moreYes, it has. Settings/Extras/Touch.

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                        • Sayeed
                        • Aba
                        • 03 Nov 2017

                        Can any tell me whether Lumia 950 XL has double tap wake up option. If yes how to activate.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • PSL
                          • 15 Mar 2017

                          Please someone tell me how is the call quality on lumia 950XL. I am using lumia 1020 and the earpiece speaker is very bad. I can't hear anything in noisy environment.

                          If anyone has used lumia 950xl(dual sim) then please tell me about call quality on this phone

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                            • idnna
                            • fuv
                            • 01 Jan 2017

                            How do I set phone to factory settings

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                              • Specbs
                              • mij
                              • 23 Dec 2016

                              The worst mobile device I ever had period!!! The one and ONLY regret in my Life.. truly disappointing... considering the fact that I was waiting for this phone to come out for months...reading reviews, videos blah blah... Nah MS you failed BIG on this one..!!
                              I honestly look at my phone after one year and say...750 euros?? really?! I could get a F**** car ... but NO instead I got the biggest mobile promise of 2015, that turn out to be the worst purchase of all time on all years, in all universes!!

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                                • Omid46
                                • auJ
                                • 03 Nov 2016

                                Dearest Microsoft.If even you don't continue and do not support your products anymore,unbiasedly speaking,950 XL LTE with WiFi direct,DLNA,Bluetooth perfectors,is still one of the best in high ends quality class!!!One important suggestion before your saying last farewell in smartphone smartdevices:Bring down the price to around $250 range,so many can have a this phablet Windows as a relic from the MS!!!Possible!!!?Of course,for the giant Microsoft the father and mother of computer,electronic technology,YES!!Thanks gsmArena to release and publish the Great Expectations!!Justice Rights.

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                                  • AnonD-600100
                                  • wdN
                                  • 20 Oct 2016

                                  mobile seller not have any windows phone & they not prefer to windows phone. only 550, 650 950 windows phone are available online. Microsoft going to stop production (all bad news for windows phone lover)

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                                    • ZM
                                    • QPh
                                    • 05 Oct 2016

                                    DAW, 12 Sep 2016My 950 xl was a problem. Its heating very badly and bad bat... moreMine works great. You might want to try one of the following:
                                    1. update to latest firmware.
                                    2. Reset your phone to factory settings
                                    3. Check if there is any app that is running in the background and draining your battery.

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                                      • DAW
                                      • rAf
                                      • 12 Sep 2016

                                      My 950 xl was a problem. Its heating very badly and bad battery life. I'm so sad please help me

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                                        • Omid46
                                        • auJ
                                        • 30 Jul 2016

                                        Dearest readers.To be unbiased and Frank,Lumia 950 XL after Windows 10 Taphlet smartdevice of HP)is a wonderful amazing brialent work!But,still the price is unreachable for many whom like to have a good Windows smartphone!!!Why dear MS!!!?Thanks.Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.