Motorola MOTOFONE F3 review: Budget wonder

25 March 2007
Motorola Fone F3 or Motofone is a unique mobile device. It unites the latest modern trends, on one hand, and a very basic functional menu, on the other.

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  • Anonymous
  • nCN
  • 26 Mar 2007

just a cheap pathetic calculator i think MOTO is going mad

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • NaD
    • 26 Mar 2007

    people dont want phones that look like they have great features but turn out to be incredibly basic. what was the thinking with this one? even the basic looking phones that have the basic features look better than this one.

      • s
      • siluk
      • nCE
      • 26 Mar 2007

      i have one for 3 weeks now
      works great
      doing a very good job as a second phone
      standing @ my blackberry 7290
      don`t worry .. u get used 2 the strange text mesaging display
      the keypad is great & the loud speaker is also good

        • p
        • pos
        • nCN
        • 26 Mar 2007

        it looks great but i don't think this screen will be acceptable at all how will i write the sms i think it got the same screen of the cheap calculators cm'on we live in the year 2007 it's the 21st century even the black LCD are not acceptable, to me if it for free i will not take it.

          • m
          • me
          • nCK
          • 25 Mar 2007

          nice...I'm sooo gonna buy this.i need a low budget phone along my n73. i ride my bike a lot,especially on dirt or rock tracks and at trials;and with one like this i don't have to worry if i brake it when i crash,fall,ram into another friend or who knows what may happen.I'll simply buy another if it brakes.

            • M
            • MG
            • S00
            • 25 Mar 2007

            Cool handset. Keep it simple.... Back to basics.... etc., etc.

              • b
              • bid dude
              • PjC
              • 25 Mar 2007

              nice phone if u live in a dangerous city and its afraid of getting theft. since its too cheap, you can buy a second one.

                • k
                • ken19
                • whB
                • 25 Mar 2007

                nice phone from motorola. but i think it's too much slim phones already. couldn't they make phones with significant tech features for tech nerds also? come one moto.