BlackBerry Priv review: Privilege granted

09 December, 2015
A curved screen QWERTY slider by BlackBerry that runs Android, are we getting this right? We double checked and the Priv is just as exciting as it is unique. Honestly, it is one of those things many mayíve fantasized about but nobody actually believed would happen. Itís also probably the last chance for BlackBerry to try and turn things around.

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  • ella

I need help with my Blackberry priv. it comes up but it is not booting.

  • Eddie

Where can i get this priv,cos i got interested and touched, is it still on market or any blackberry which can resemble this one,seriously im in need ov it .thanks

  • Anonymous

I want

  • Anonymous

the battery is interchangeable
remove the SD card and Sim card trays
pry out on the top corners, and slowly pry out working your fingers down
youll pull the back cover down cause its wrapped around the front speaker, and the battery is held in by 2 screws , hex keys. and simply removed and replace the battery

  • Bibhuti padhi

Super phone

  • Anonymous

This was a great phone to use up until 2017, but the phone just went downhill after 2017 because the PRIV didn't get the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

  • Anonymous

Still a usable and viable option for someone looking for a affordable amd qwerty phone in 2018? my budget is limited so i can only choose between Key2 LE or this one. Need a qwerty phone with android os.

  • bobby

anish, 31 Jul 2018i here that blackberry priv.heating highly..and doesnot support ... moreno you can use any android app... but correct it does get hot, certainly mine does, and the supoprt from blackberry is poor.

  • Himu

Does it support otg cable?

  • KJB

anish, 31 Jul 2018i here that blackberry priv.heating highly..and doesnot support ... moreI have a Priv and it supports all of the Apps available in the Google Play store including Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, etc

  • anish

i here that blackberry priv.heating highly..and doesnot support whatsap..isit true

  • nanitanish

i have using blackberry priv....battery charging is 3 hours only....plz update battery improve the charging

  • Samaki

I ordered this phone and can't imagine it having it soonest

  • Ajin

Blackberry is going to stop WhatsApp on June 30.. is it applicable only for blackberry OS or both blackberry OS and blackberry Android..

  • Indigo

I've had this phone for about 3 months, I hate it. I purchased it for the keyboard, which has very small key but I can maneuver it OK. The issues I have are horrible battery life, I don't have nfc or Bluetooth running, I use my phone minimally, some texts and email and maybe a call or two. It constantly overheats and gets the system restrictions triangle at the top. It sends double and triple text messages. I've had it to Verizon 3x replaced the Sim card etc... it's a horrible phone and unfortunately I'm stuck with it for now or I can get a refurbished one and still pay for a new one, that's not cool.. Think twice before you buy a blackberry android!

  • AnonD-623656

Mazen, 19 Oct 2016Would it be possible for gsmarena to redo the battery test with ... moreIs there any update on battery test result?

  • Tyna

Can I make a bbm video call to q10 with blackberry priv?

  • Mazen

Would it be possible for gsmarena to redo the battery test with a Priv upgrade to marshmallow? Many people are saying the battery life has improved significantly, but only a true benchmark endurance test would allow a proper judgement.

  • dr vijay pawar

raaz, 21 Jun 2016Any one who has alredy got this phone , can he give me the feedb... moreI used last 2 month it's very nice one in blackberry phone.hate off man what phone. Made it very nice plz buy if like blackberry thanks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016Do you have (can you use) Whats-app in this cell phone? I have ... moreYes, you can continue to use Whatsapp on this phone after 2016 because it runs Android.