LG K10 and LG K7 hands-on: LG at CES 2016

7 January, 2015
This year the CES expo in Las Vegas is mostly about HDR TVs and smart appliances (fridges, washing machines) rather than smartphones and slates. LG is among the few manufacturers to bring new mobile gadgets - the LG K10 and LG K7.

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  • Saeid

Stretch, 26 Aug 2019I reset my phone and it is now asking for a pin to unlock it can... morePut a sim card without pin code or some one that you know the pin. Then go to setting and turn off the security option (ask for pin code every time i turn on the phone) then put your own sim card

  • Stretch

I reset my phone and it is now asking for a pin to unlock it can anyone help me please

  • Rhona

Verry poor data connection

  • K7 User

This phone is basically a piece of poop. The keyboard is made for girls, kids and 85 pound person skinny fingers. It has relatively very little space. The rear camera seems like 5 megapixels and the front is like 1 megapixel and warps how images look. Do not take any selfies because it will lower your self image. Only buy if you are on a budget and it comes up free with no contract.

  • Gill

To much bad Mobile i am already used and it has very slow internet bad tuch bad lcd result i hate this LG company first i buy a new LG G2 bad G3 bad and now k7 ufff!!! All fake

  • AnonD-638560

AnonD-537051, 14 May 2016So far I love the phone. LgK7 However my mother and I both got t... moreits not done in the phones settings its in Facebook messengers settings.

  • Lovlea

Does it have a compass for constellation app?

  • AnonD-625674

My boyfriend recently got this phone piece of crap. It overheats when he isn't using it or he is barely using it. So disappointed in it. He also doesn't receive some of my text messages it's very frustrating . Thought the HTC I got was bad .always sticking with Samsung Galaxy forget the rest till next tu.e The Trixster

  • AnonD-615988

AnonD-60521, 10 Jan 2016if we compare LG and SAMSUNG in terms of design,,,,samsung alway... moreHow many LG's burn up or explode. Samsung has a problem needing fixing or they will lose the market. Their S series needs to be sacked

  • Anonymous

LG K7 4G por 3G please answer

  • WaveRider

Sara, 12 Jul 2016How do you load sd card and sI'm card in a LG k7Your uSD card installs on top of the SIM card.

  • Tommy

I just bought a k7 and I have talk to text plus it will talk my text messages
Love it. May be something not set up right

  • AnonD-571710

Not true about the LG K10 phone operating system. It runs Marshmallow. 6.0.1 now as of August 2016...

  • Anonymous

When i get a notification i dont see no light.....does the phone have a led bulb for notifications?

  • Sara

How do you load sd card and sI'm card in a LG k7

  • AnonD-537051

So far I love the phone. LgK7 However my mother and I both got the same phone at the same store hers allows her to use Facebook Messenger as her default messaging app mine does not how do I make mine able to do that?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234961, 08 Jan 2016Unfortunately, the G2 was so ahead of its time that LG will neve... moreThis is completely true.

  • IRondoor827

The. Lg k7 looks nice butt perform horribly. you cannot process information d speech to text in text messaging is the worst on planet Earth I would not recommend this phone2 anyone

  • Adrian

Can the lg k7 get the smart case like lgk10

  • asrin

I still love the old rectangular design of LG L7 II (single sim ver).
Compact, screen filled to max, no space wasted.