Oppo F1 review: Elegance on a budget

03 February, 2016
The Oppo F1 is the ambassador for a whole new potential line of handsets within the manufacturer's portfolio and as such, it definitely deserves some attention.

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  • wow

Milton , 31 Jan 2018Waste mobile no software upgrade and update only from oppo ... moresystem is not updating :(

  • Shaq

Chlipcha, 03 May 2018Actually yeah my friend have the j7 pro and am using f1s I ... moreI can't agree more. Oppo is the best and best looking mobile phone brand I have ever seen. I have also become a big fan of Oppo.

  • lgbtq sucks

àł&a, 21 Mar 2018Is oppo r15 a water proof phoneWhy asked R15 questions in F1 area?

  • Chlipcha

rana, 17 May 2016yaActually yeah my friend have the j7 pro and am using f1s I find that mine is better in many things
Battery, camera, performance, design, price...
Oppo will be my best brand forever

  • àł&a

Is oppo r15 a water proof phone

  • Milton

Waste mobile no software upgrade and update only from oppo software which useless

  • Lyn

My phone F1 did not working if i used dual sim. What should i do?

  • yash

Jhulia, 11 Sep 2016Is Oppo f1 waterproofOppo f1s is waterproof

  • Anonymous

is this oppo f1 is waterproof?

  • sigma

Where can I find a oppo f1 servicing center in skåne, Sweden.

  • mhen15

Winnie, 11 Aug 2016Vivo v3 and oppo f1 which is better to choose ?.please repl... morefor me i highly recommended oppo i trust the quality and durability of oppo just buy the original oppo.

  • Jhulia

Is Oppo f1 waterproof

  • Ankit

I have oppp f1 s my phone battrey backup is low give me amswer what is the battery back up of intrent m brought new handset 10 daya ago

  • Anonymous

inder, 09 Mar 2016Hi thanks oppo f1 by life best phone Me Too.And Happy Uesing The Oppo F1 Brother.

  • Winnie

Vivo v3 and oppo f1 which is better to choose ?.please reply ASAP thanks!!

  • anooplovelyjeet

Nice one

  • Shahid

Oppo f1 battery back up is very low. N charging time ooohhh my good 4to5 hour.too long.

  • Anonymous

My first oppo was r5 which is overall satisfying. Due to tht I got my second oppo f1 but totally disappointing especially the camera quality! N it leads me to no more oppo in future!

  • Prashanth

Is these oppo f1 water proof ????

  • AnonD-558086

I've just purchased the oppo F1. So far I am really happy with the incredible value for money vs what you get in the box.

It looks sleek, and doesn't feel cheap. Camera quality is pretty on par and better than other models I've had historically of a different brand - but not the best, but not bad to the point I'm frustrated. It's marketed as a perfect selfie and it really is accurate. This phone has the best self facing camera!

Sound quality is pretty good and the volume it produces is louder than a slightly older Samsung model I had. Which is important for alarms and waking up in the morning.

The interface took a little time navigating but I suspect that's like any slightly new platform and it's really just a quick learn to find where things are in settings.

I paid 279 for a phone that included an already covered screen protector and a silicon case, high-speed charger and headphones. Charging is quick, 10 minutes charge bought me 20% battery and that 20% has lasted me two hours of continuous usage/browsing/game playing and writing this review.

Yes the graphics display are not as "sharp"when you compare to a 1000 phone, but for the 700-800 savings on an outright phone thats a sacrifice I'm happy to have made.

Apps open quickly and there are some excellent lock screen functions. Especially the option to draw on the lock screen for camera and flash light for less fumbling etc.

Overall: appearance 10/10
Operation system 8/10
Visual display 7/10
Camera back 7/10
Camera front 9/10
Price 100/10