Lenovo Vibe X3 hands-on: First look

08 February, 2016
A couple of years ago, Lenovo hardly had any phone presence outside of China. But in the meantime, the company has made some serious strides, particularly in price-sensitive markets where multiple well-priced models follow one after the other.

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  • AnonD-351894

AnonD-98399, 08 Feb 2016obviously this article not original from GSMarena . the battery ... moreThis is the first look experience. A detailed review will take time.

  • harish

hi gsmarena team
This phone does have fast charging....at least the specs mention in other websites....only the charger provided along with it is not a fast charger (2A)....thats why it takes long to charge.....
On an average it seems to take about 90- 100 minutes to fully charge (as mentioned in other websites)
Id hate to be wrong....Because ive already ordered for the phone...
But then again.... you guys know much more than i do.....
So prove me wrong

P.S : Pls dont

  • Anonymous

Good decision. Stoke UI.

  • AnonD-218745

Battery capacity is 3500 mah and not 3300 mah as mentioned in review...

Do a review on the K4 Note.

  • AnonD-98399

obviously this article not original from GSMarena . the battery life test normally is on no.3 , now became the last section. i hope GSMarena to do the own review rather copy other forum review.
the china website few month ago already done the proper test , its take 1:40 hour to full charged the 3500mah battery , its support quick charge 2.0 , & the camera quality is very good , the battery life for 808 chipset is very good compare to 810 without scarifying a lot performance. the more important is this device provide 3 highend Hifi chipset for audio manic.

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why gsmarena reviewers are always complaints about the gaming performance of snapdragon 808,its GPU is adreno 418 which is the same GPU as the adreno 420 ( but with an other name ) which is used in the high end snapdragon 805 of the last year ! The power of the SD808 is incredible,you can play any games from the play store with the graphics at maximum settings without any lags.Probably these reviewers have never played any 3D game on these phones and they are thinking that some intensive benchmarks can simulate the real gaming performance,but that is not true.I recommend to GSMarena to test these phone in games too not only in benchmarks.

  • AnonD-264433

Do a full review soon gsma ... Waiting...

  • Anonymous

So if i understand that right, the phone doesn't have quick charge?

  • imagine

imagine no black bezel...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234961, 08 Feb 2016The phone design si very nice but very misleading. The top and b... moreYou can´t be wondering about bezels when there is speaker and senzors at the top and buttons and the second speaker at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

Great device I ´ve been waiting for. Display, sound, battery, fullHD, performance.
But....the camera :((

  • AnonD-234961

The phone design si very nice but very misleading. The top and bottom bezels are actually huge but hidden by the black glass design. Hopefully some manufacturer will be able to place a much larger screen into such a design.