Lenovo Vibe X3 hands-on: First look

08 February, 2016
A couple of years ago, Lenovo hardly had any phone presence outside of China. But in the meantime, the company has made some serious strides, particularly in price-sensitive markets where multiple well-priced models follow one after the other.

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  • Umair

Hi, I am using LG v10 and its battery sucks and heating up, so just want to change my phone, is Lenovo x3 a better option in battery and performance perspective ?


Nice look

  • rocks

after updation there is a problem with the Bluetooth i.e not connecting some times connecting and within seconds disconnecting
any suggestions please

  • rifsaini94

One of the best budget smartphone that can compare to other flagship brand..

The rear and front camera are obviously beautiful and amazing.

Its best choice for someone that want good stereo speaker because it was enhanced by Dolby Atmos Apps.

It system running smoothly,thanks to qualcomm snapdragon!

  • nat

Hello, did you think this phone are compatible for hard 3d games? Thanks

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2016Hi, i want to buy lenovo vibe X3 .please tell me its good s... morevibe x3 is good but its an old phone..try something newer

  • Anonymous

viveksubhash, 27 Jul 2016so you are listening to ..say some heavy metal..and you wil... moreHi, i want to buy lenovo vibe X3 .please tell me its good smartphone or not .its my first android therefore i confused to buy which one is best phone.please suggets

Nash, 23 Jul 2016Lol, you are funny. It's not about the notification sound b... moreso you are listening to ..say some heavy metal..and you will hear the teeny tiny whatsapp beep??
all phones from as far as i remember reduce their headphone volume..and mostly the all playback volume to notify the msg tone...

  • Anonymous

After marshmallow update, It's working awesome. So you should leave a full review of this smartphone with marshmallow update.

  • Nash

viveksubhash, 26 Apr 2016"We did notice the sound dropping out every time a notifica... moreLol, you are funny. It's not about the notification sound but the sound of the music you are playing and same time a notification arrives

  • Nash

AnonD-25208, 24 Jun 2016How is the headphones audio quality? Anyone got a clue?Please tell why it's not a good phone but the other one. Merely getting the OS update instantly doesn't make any phone good or vice versa.

  • Nash

What you mean by less than satisfactory camera, did you mean more number of pixels or quality of the image it reproduces? that also rightly after telling that it's amazing value for money, especially if you look beyond the spec sheet and see what you are getting.

  • ronny

yeah n btw... android 6.0 update is already out for vibe x3 in june itself....and it has become very stable and smooth.....in regards to battery life ,performance, and overall smoothness....

  • chachu

Is this a good phone

  • AnonD-226234

Suggest to Not buy,one plus 3 z better choice,still waiting for marshmallow.still lenovo not rolled out marshmallow to it's so called flagship device..update process totally pathetic by lenovo to it's flagship.

  • AnonD-25208

How is the headphones audio quality? Anyone got a clue?

  • sagar

Eagerly waiting for a full review. When can I expect it?

  • Anonymous

Dee, 20 Apr 2016Hello. Please I changed my preference to android ui for the... moreJust press the screen u ll see 4 options at bottom, just select Preference after pressing one window will open , there is first option Default Launcher there you can select between Vibe UI and Andirod

  • Lord Joe

Well the first look of vibe x3 has been uploaded by you ... but still the full review of the phone will be really helpful

  • jai

Overheating in my vibe x3 like my previous mobile (vibe x2).