Motorola Moto X Play review: Time-saver edition

10 March, 2016
In many ways, the Moto X play is a sort of middle ground, half-step between the Moto G and the Moto X, but with a clear-cut stride towards the higher end of the scale.

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Deepak rautray, 14 Jun 2020Does it support jio volteYes it supports Jio LTE.

  • Hi

Deepak rautray, 13 Jun 2020Does it support jio volteYes

  • Deepak rautray

Does it support jio volte

  • Deepak rautray

Does it support jio volte

  • Raghava

Power shutdown takes place eve when there is 50% battery. Assuming that the battery has gone, I purchased a new battery and installed. The problem continues. Very unhappy with the performance.

  • sk

Use till works, throw it away if anything goes wrong because you will not get any customer/ service support.

  • Afrose

This Mobile support in OTG.

  • Anonymous

I updates thé fone and upto now fine goes of n on

  • Raj

dimple, 30 Jul 2016there is frequent complaint from the listeners of the audib... moreI was shocked to know from Motorola service centre that this is a cache memory issue. It comes frequently and once you clear cache get resolved what a flaw in Motorola shame

  • dimple

there is frequent complaint from the listeners of the audible problem but if switched to hand free mode it is getting corrected Why is it so

  • AnonD-526793

What is this time saver edition?

  • Anonymous

Your "Coolness" and "Design/Quality" ratings are a joke and should be removed as they are based on no objective measures whatsoever. Completely arbitrary garbage ruining an otherwise great review process

  • Anonymous

I m facing problem in opera n hike in opera error in loding videos and in hike i coldnt upload any status...what can i do all d settings are perfect. Can any one tell me

  • Kunal

Worst Phone, Camera is Pathatic....

  • Mahesh

Lovely phone, good speed, easy to handle, the mail issue in this phone is heating issue, if you use the phone more than an hour. the battery temperature are going up to 53 degrees. forced me to return the phone. the issue is mainly with the processes.

  • AnonD-202462

AnonD-205566, 11 Mar 2016Great work guys! I think it would be clearer if you put "he... moreTotally agree. It would be much better if you add some kind of hint for those percentile ranking.A simple phrase above or under the percent will be much much better - maybe instead of "What's this?" you can have "Heavier than", it's almost the same in length. Or some kind of short legend in the same page, not in different one - like now.
As for the review itself - I've never been fan of those 1* - 5* (or 1 - 10 scores) ratings, because they are not unbiased, in my opinion. I really like your in depth reviews, because there is a lot of information and you let the readers to "rate the device" for themselves and not intrude your own score. But I do realize that, this is what lots of people are searching for - easy way to compare 2 phones (which 1* - 5* is).

  • AnonD-501554

for gamers like me a huge phone is not the issue if the battery is good. good job Motorola for creating this phone. =)

  • AnonD-511573

really like the new style. helps to see the important stuff quickly

  • AnonD-452580

For battery endurance the old style is beter than new one.

  • AnonD-205566

Just to be clear: al least on my phone, the graphic joining the percentile doesn't seem to work in any of these time-saver reviews. It might be just my phone though!