Apple iPhone 6s review: Time-saver edition

10 March, 2016
The latest iPhone rarely needs an introduction - itís always one of the most anticipated flagships each year and often sets the bar for the premium smartphone niche. Fans know Apple has put its heart in it and mediaís reviews, whether praising or not, usually donít matter and donít affect massesí decision.

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  • Anonymous

Poceg, 26 Aug 2019iPhone 6s and 7 which is good6+ 6s+ 7+ or 8+ are all good old iPhone choice

Mfula, 08 Sep 2019iPhone 6s is the best phone ever Why?
How is battery life with you?
How long used it?

  • Mfula

iPhone 6s is the best phone ever

  • Poceg

iPhone 6s and 7 which is good

  • Me myself

Azfar, 07 Jan 2018Which one is better, iphone 6s or huawei honor 8 pro?I don't know

  • Anonymous

Nice mylove 6s

  • Bindu

Which one is better I phone 6 s r 1+ 6t???

  • fdhgksfdhgs

its beautiful. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Azfar

Which one is better, iphone 6s or huawei honor 8 pro?

  • wtw

Subha, 19 Feb 2017Sir please give me a solid suggestion.which iPhone is best iPhon... moreSame. Se speed is same as 6s. Just depens what phone u want: bigger or smaller. Otherwhise everything is just same

  • Suraj

Iphone 6s is a very good model in the cell phones.its problem is that the price should be low down. All can purchase it. Other wise iPhone is the excellent 👍👍👍&#128­077;

  • Subha

Sir please give me a solid suggestion.which iPhone is best iPhone se or iPhone 6s.

  • Iphone user

How many hour actually iphone 6s fully charged when the battery is

  • Mal

Worst decision ever to change the on/off button from top to right side!! Change it back!!

  • sudip

I love iPhone 6s but it's price to high not my basket.

  • Kapil Markande

I like iPhone 6s plus .........

  • AnonD-556758

The iPhone 6s is an impressing gadget than iPhone 6s Plus because 6s is entirely easy to carry and comfortable use . Especially 6s rose gold is more attractive For ever so in my opinion The iPhone 6s is most better than the iPhone 6s Plus definitely .thank you

  • Anonymous

How long does the battery last on a normal use?

  • jum

Hi, my problem with my iphone 6s goes like this, i just shut it down for fast charging purpose, when i switched it on, it cannot display at the homescreen and it just keep on loading

  • AnonD-531794

Iphone 6s is the best smartphone available right now in the market in the sence of performance beauty and sleakness,, If u are going to decide between android and ios,,,, Just go for ios as i used both and found ios way more better than android in the sense of reliability, security, privacy and quickness. Also doesn't stuck ever like samsung