LG G5: LG at MWC 2016

20 February, 2016
LG brought nothing short of its A-game to MWC 2016. The G5 is quite different from its predecessor, yet still a head-turner. An always-on display, LCD at that, is one thing but with the modular add-on concept LG is different on purpose.

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  • v
  • vivans
  • xja
  • 17 Oct 2018

my G5 discharges too fast pls what can i do ti remedy that

    • S
    • Shirley
    • CGH
    • 07 Sep 2018

    My LG G5 is having network Lock problem.please any help from here.

      • D
      • AnonD-686588
      • fsT
      • 13 Aug 2017

      LG g5 is one of the hottest phone so far
      I love it
      But wanna change from g5 LTE to g5 at&t
      Any one to help?

        • D
        • AnonD-673144
        • D01
        • 30 May 2017

        Can I buy LG g5

          • b
          • bhing
          • 7Xd
          • 06 Mar 2017

          how to knew if the LG unit is oreginal?

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 4w7
            • 22 Oct 2016

            Why wont this phone turn back on after the phone battery dies then re charged

              • q
              • qaisar
              • 6P4
              • 16 Apr 2016

              AnonD-460535, 25 Feb 2016These bezels are hideous. What were LG thinking?!hi lg g5 best for gaming or not...????

                • a
                • amlesh
                • t}X
                • 23 Mar 2016

                Lg g5 in the world smartphone is king

                  • A
                  • Anonymous
                  • u7J
                  • 11 Mar 2016

                  Huawei Mate 8?

                    • J
                    • JordanRhys
                    • m5L
                    • 10 Mar 2016

                    TP1, 21 Feb 2016V10 had a 32bit DAC, they specifically removed it to give a... moreThe V10 had a 24-bit DAC, the same one is included on the G5.
                    They've just given you the power to upgrate it further.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-511580
                      • iV%
                      • 06 Mar 2016

                      Anonymous, 21 Feb 2016So when samsung removes features you bash it When lg adds ... moreTrue true but u knw wat thy say abt tryin2 plz every1

                        • D
                        • AnonD-511580
                        • iV%
                        • 06 Mar 2016

                        Aspros, 21 Feb 2016I loved LG because of the legendary G2 it had top notch pe... moreIt's not bigger than the G4

                          • D
                          • AnonD-511580
                          • iV%
                          • 06 Mar 2016

                          Anonymous, 22 Feb 2016LG G5 is missing another very important feature. It does NO... moreRead z specs b4 u talk

                            • H
                            • Hente
                            • KrF
                            • 04 Mar 2016

                            G4 with leather back: beautiful
                            G5: ugly

                              • D
                              • AnonD-20890
                              • utA
                              • 03 Mar 2016

                              LG will launch G6 with 2000 mAh battery and G7 with 1500 mAh battery. Lol.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-105341
                                • 3p@
                                • 01 Mar 2016

                                Anonymous, 23 Feb 2016It could have been the soc and screen are more power effici... moreagree with you..
                                i don't no why people worried about battery life.. when lg keep this removable batteries...
                                they keep best thing with metal body and u never see this into other companies..
                                they are full of inovations with G5 .. the modular is future and Lg is in leading way..

                                  • v
                                  • vtc vs stander
                                  • i8w
                                  • 27 Feb 2016

                                  there are a lot of contenders this year for example xiaomi mi5 and its price tag and Samsung s7 edge excellent specification. I think it will be a hard year for lg even with sd card , removable battery and fancy duel cameras with ugly design.

                                    • m
                                    • mgk
                                    • EP$
                                    • 25 Feb 2016

                                    Currently using G2 .... its really an all round decent performer for a long time .... been following LG ever since..... after G2 the company is again trying to be daring with G5 .... worrying part is that they could have very well stayed with 1080p / 424 ppi display along with an increased battery capacity considering 16+8 combo for secondary cam or should have stayed with G4's camera setup ..... it would have given a lot of room for overall standby for other things because i surely believe with the spec sheet given , charging needs to be done twice a day which I personally hate...... also the modular part , kind of lokks like love or love affair...... just in case the screen had 1080p display , a 3500 mAh battery and considering Qualcomm's claim about kryo chipset ..... this would be a killer flagship...... fingers crossed for review , battery endurance especially.......

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-460535
                                      • 03Z
                                      • 25 Feb 2016

                                      These bezels are hideous. What were LG thinking?!

                                        • H
                                        • Hero
                                        • KI@
                                        • 25 Feb 2016

                                        Why LG why didnt you put the app drawer😰😭