Nokia E65 review: Business beauty

23 April 2007
Nokia E65 is an attractive slider smartphone powered by the Symbian OS. It offers Wi-Fi capability and has 3G support. Its extensive software equipment is an apparent necessity, while its built-in 2 megapixel camera and dedicated keys for conference call management are delightful extras.

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  • nny
  • 09 Mar 2009

Great phone BUT not so great technical support from Nokia Care, Portugal... My display "died" after 10 months of usage, after analysis, the technical report stated that "traces of humidity" unable the repair under the warranty or any repair at all.

It's a sturdy handset, the small keyboard takes a while to adapt, especially the bottom keys. Didn't came with a stereo handset of memory card which was kind lame at 200euros cost!

Now, without the display, I can make and receive calls, charge the battery, connect it to my pc (USB and Nokia PC suite mode. Humidity problems? This is a rip-off

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    • chaithu
    • vwr
    • 08 Feb 2009

    gamesfanatic, 26 Oct 2007I don't see the games icon... or does it has one like other... morein main menu there is INSTAL ICON.there you can find games if you install them

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      • Anonymous
      • vxY
      • 09 Aug 2008

      Good phone but only to use a a phone.. bit difficult to use.. disappointed about the no stereo headset or fm radio. And setting an image as a wallpaper is impossible to use.. no matter what i do it will not fill the whole screen.. that includes me re sizing it to the resolution.. also you cannot rotate any image that you have taken a photo of. The camera is also very poor in fading light.

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        • manish
        • waZ
        • 28 Jul 2008

        Zjomp, 14 Jun 2007Beautiful phone indeed! But the Matte finish comes loose a... moreThe skin peeling is a big dissapointment, and Nokia says not my problem ( no reponsibility for skin disease )
        91 99594 77740

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          • NeoDyo
          • Bh{
          • 23 Jul 2008

          I got this celphone 8 weeks ago and I am very happy with this nokia!

          It is very stable, application manager, file manager and Wireless connectivity, all of them work very well.

          I've installed Opera Mobil browser, SmartMovie, Nokia MAPS (with info from México and Spain).

          I have a nokia N73, and I've compared both (N73 and E65). The Two are very similar in performance (Nokia describes its N73 like a personal computer).

          PD: This is an errata. :s

            • J
            • Jason
            • Rxt
            • 24 Apr 2008

            On page 3 of the review it says: "The phone, however, features another rather unusual problem: constant peeping in the earphone, which remains present no matter whether you call or not, whether the display is activated or not, etc."

            Was this just a defect in the tester model or is this an issue in all E65 phones?


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              • Julis777
              • DWk
              • 24 Mar 2008

              Dear friends,

              Please advise does this phone could be used as a GPS station? I had downloaded all maps, but still I have not any reply from satellites? Anyone has the same situation? Or do I need to connect this phone whit GPS storage?

              Thanks in advance!!!!

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                • neodyo
                • Bh{
                • 08 Jan 2008

                I get this CelPhone last 6 weeks, and i´m very happy with this Nokia.

                It´s very stable, the application manager, file manager, Wireless manager works very fine.

                I installed Opera Mobil browser, SmartMovie, Nokia MAPS (with México and Madrid info) and all works fine and quickly.

                I´ve a nokia N73, and, both Symbian versions, in comparasion, are even in performance. (Nokia describes the N73 as a personal computer).


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                  • Etienne
                  • iG7
                  • 23 Dec 2007

                  Great phone, nice design.

                  Only one problem. When I get messages from Asia the message is 'encrypted' example: iymUdmeodmOI

                  How can I solve this ? If you know it please send me a mail.

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                    • Juman( from IRAQ)
                    • nH8
                    • 13 Nov 2007

                    I shall buy this phone E65 .. it has nice soft edges & slim shape , not like N95 which I bought it last two monthes which has sharp edges & very very very very poor battery. I think that E65 is nice pocket communicater.

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                      • gamesfanatic
                      • 4vr
                      • 26 Oct 2007

                      I don't see the games icon... or does it has one like other Nokia... can anyone please tell me where to find the game function. Thanks..

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                        • k.k
                        • 0UZ
                        • 13 Oct 2007

                        E65 or 6500 (classic,slide) the question is now.opinions? please

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                          • JAG
                          • pu7
                          • 25 Jul 2007

                          the E65 is a nice cell phone, but I had the same problems which mihnea talked about, regarding the phonebook button, I sent to main showroom and they fixed it but it seems to be a common problem.

                            • m
                            • mihnea
                            • nsF
                            • 05 Jul 2007

                            it's a smart phone indeed. i have it for nearly 2 months but i'm very disapointed. the material that is on it has started to breack off... it's not my fault because i've had a very good care of it. The second thing that i have noticed is that sometimes the phone boock button , the message one and the other two ,from the middle fail to work but after i switch off and restart they start to work.

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                              • Zjomp
                              • iGh
                              • 14 Jun 2007

                              Beautiful phone indeed!
                              But the Matte finish comes loose and bladders... looks like a snake that sheds its skin !#!@#$...!
                              And the speaker pulls my hairout... hmmmm pitty thow!

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                                • JULI
                                • pSP
                                • 13 Jun 2007

                                you can increase the font with psiloc text magnifier

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                                  • Felipe
                                  • Lqt
                                  • 01 Jun 2007

                                  Definitely there is a problem withe the passphrase lenght on a Nokia E65 WLAN settings when using WPA-PSK (pre shared key).

                                  i just got a Nokia E65 yesterday, from a local Nokia Store. The firmware version is:

                                  Nokie E65

                                  While configuring the device to use our network which users a 26 characters passphrase, the E65 refused to connect, always giving the error message.

                                  If the passphrase is (temporarily) changed on the Access point to an 8 character setting, then the E65 connects with no problem whatsoever.

                                  It also works perfectly when used with an open network (i.e. no passphrase protection).

                                  Nokia must address this issue as many corporate wireless LANs do use long passphrases for security reasons, thus it is required for the E65 to work within that environment if its going to be considered a real serious "business category" device.

                                  For the record, an N800 Internet table is also used in this same network with no problem using the 26 characters passphrase.

                                    • A
                                    • AussiePages
                                    • U2$
                                    • 25 May 2007

                                    Hi, nice and sleek design phone, but i need help with something, how the hell can i close the slide while on a call without hanging up? the book says press the left button and within a few seconds hang up, that doesnt work. hangs up all the time. please if someone knows how id appreciate it if you can let me know how.

                                      • J
                                      • Jay
                                      • NH6
                                      • 23 May 2007

                                      Could somebody let me know if there is a way
                                      to increase the font and icon size of the
                                      E65.Sure hope so, I got a big display and tiny

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                                        • James McDonald
                                        • m}9
                                        • 21 May 2007

                                        Like all Nokia E-Series models, this one has a major handicap: The earpiece pulls and cuts one`s ear`s hair and beard... and it hurts like hell!
                                        Why does Nokia insist in this earpiece design for the E-Series?