Nokia E65 review: Business beauty

23 April 2007
Nokia E65 is an attractive slider smartphone powered by the Symbian OS. It offers Wi-Fi capability and has 3G support. Its extensive software equipment is an apparent necessity, while its built-in 2 megapixel camera and dedicated keys for conference call management are delightful extras.

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  • shizmo

a smart phone with the comfortable size characteristics of a d900 without a doubt a masterpiece by nokia

  • Rnsm

So Somebody likes the D900 by Samsung that's fine by me.

But if you are saying that the D900 is better than a Smart Phone than you are little bit stupit

The D900 can not even take a 2 GB of memory or have Nav tools on it and even sometimes lock some menu for the user!!

so E65 is al over good phone with good functions !

thanks! ( it's possible to use in USA )

  • uzo

wats da sar value of e65?? anyone knows??????

  • freddy

hey NOOHAR jy is n klein snotkop stuk kak poes doos, jou nat naai

  • noohar

What you mean bro the Samsung D900 is a piece os crap,it could not match the capabilities of the E65,the E65 is smartphone,the D900 is a dumpphone.The E65 allows full multitasking,and full suport of 3rd party apps and games,like satnav,media players,dictionaries,picture editing,travel & language software and many more...E65 and Symbian Series 60 all the way...

  • freddy

listen up you guys, the SAMSUNG D900 certainly beats this phone by far in beauty and in brains, who needs a smartphone, when SAMSUNG D900 already has everything covered, peace

  • bpauld

Will the e65 work on Cingular/ATT 3g network in the US?

  • Anonymous

This is for sure a good phone. Its easy, the sliding action is smooth like the 8800, and the camera....OOHh.....NICE!!! No lag in recording video at all. The buttons are easy to press with your thumb and the whole thing is slim.

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone for 2 weeks. Too much functions to explore. Slider a bit too tight till the back cover comes out when I slide open the phone. Alarm clock needs to be set daily. Having a prob with my theme. Everytime I power off my phone and on becomes the default theme (anyone can advise on this?). Keypad too flat so a bit hard to sms. Despite all these...I still like the phone coz of the sleek design=)

  • tarek

for the first time from long time ago nokia made a wonderfull mobile but i think the battery is not that good with the bluetooth with the hands free on

  • Faisal

Its an awesome phone - using it since the last couple of months.
BUT its already showing signs of ageing... the SMART RUBBER TYPE coating is fading off corners and the phone has started looking much older than it is. Plus I wish they had not STUFFED 15 BUTTONS (yes its actually 15 different functions) on the face of the phone under the screen and made life a little more simpler.

  • vace

gggrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaattttt ppphhhhhhhoooooonnnnneeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • SeF

Beautiful and powerful yet nothing new upon seeing all new Nokia high ends with new features. but anyway this is a smartphone and also targeted for BUSINESS so there's nothing to complain. i just need to see the review of the N95 or N76 which sports S60 featurepacked v2 which is said to have transition effects on the menu just like the UIQ 3

  • hargs48

A great phone running S60 3rd Edition,very nice size & design,also with a descent camera.Pity no Feature Pack 1 is included in the Symbian OS though.

  • ALE

It's a business phone, but it has no editor for office documents? Strange..

  • UmeshD

Been using it for over 3 weeks now in India and this phone is amazing if you are a average business user. Still got many things to explore on this phone. Didn't like a few things though: A) In USB mass transfer mode, the phone goes offline. B) No USB charging - but CA-70 cable works fine though it's not listed as compatible accessory. C) Same with music headset HS-20 works fine but listed by Nokia as not compatible. Suggestions: A) Switch the phone to GSM only or UTMS only mode if you know what network you are using - saves quite a lot battery power. B) Keep phone volume at 75-80% and it's absolutely loud and clear.

  • AShOoOR

I'm Frist WOOOOW this is an awesome phone