Xiaomi Mi 5 hands-on: Xiaomi at MWC 2016

24 February, 2016
The MWC 2016 welcomed another much-hyped flagship. Xiaomi VP Hugo Bara was the one to introduce the Mi 5 alongside a beefed-up 64GB model and the exclusive ceramic version called the Mi 5 Pro.

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  • AnonD-26497

Now a days every company copies sammys designs copycats

  • josif muratvski

xiomi the best mobil

  • AnonD-260703

Anonymous, 29 Feb 2016i saw the pic samples of almost every mobile phone to date ... moreYeah I've seen them. But you should try looking photos that captured using a Lumia with pureview. The 2 years phone, L1020 still doing well and with pureview and loseless zoom technology by Nokia, you won't lose any details of your photos even you zoom it. Just look at it, you'll surprise. Mi5 photo is good but I'm quite skeptical with the real life image and their final image processing algorithm. And I like their stabilization, so stabilized. And some reviews said the product quality is not really on par with the long existed brand nowadays. Maybe they need some more time to make it better someday.

  • AnonD-237189

AnonD-509006, 29 Feb 2016My personal exp with Redmi Note 3 is the other way round wi... moreHow much Xiaomi payed you for this lousy "comment"?

  • Anonymous

miui is still missing 1 important simple feature:auto sort applications icons alphabetically.

  • AnonD-477406

AnonD-308243, 24 Feb 2016thats the thing on the android side of cellphones every bra... moreYou can't help but compare the two phones. They're both very similar in specs, have a similar foundation of design, and were released on the same day. If you're going to compare this phone to something, compare it to the Galaxy S7. And I think this phone comes out on top, just because I think the black version looks incredible (despite having a glass/ceramic back) and it's extremely affordable. And Windows 10 Mobile would make everything all the more sweeter.

  • jalal.ata

I have redminote one and still working flawlessly.
Thank you xiaomi

  • Riyel

Bvcxz, 02 Mar 2016Where is antutuAntutu overall 140000

  • Bvcxz

Where is antutu

  • AnonD-509959

I'mnotanumber, 27 Feb 2016Wow, I'm seriously considering Mi5 as my next upgrade. Does... moreI have Redmi 1s. It is still working flawless. Camera is much better than other device in the same segment. One more thing it still got updates from MI.

Now looking forward to buy Mi 5 Pro. It has the best camera. Search for "Mi 5 Camera Shake Test" and see the difference.

  • Tanasi

Is the fingerprint swipe-style like the Samsung S5?

  • Anonymous

Are they share a same layout design: apple samsung Xiaomi vivo?

  • Anonymous

Does this contain corning gorilla glass?

  • AnonD-40199

AnonD-29640, 29 Feb 2016Another Android... How I'd love to see Windows/Windows phon... moreyes good alternative, but nonetheless an alternative... nah just kidding :) i'm a windows fan and i love wp8.1. but wm10? not really. I'm still a fan but now i'm looking at other phones. the software is still buggy even after many RTM builds.

  • Jahir

AnonD-29640, 29 Feb 2016Another Android... How I'd love to see Windows/Windows phon... moreI like your opinion. I'm also a Windows Fan. I also use Android but couldn't dream my day without Windows Mobile

  • jk

Overall the 64GB variant seems to be more VFM than the other two. If you afford a little more premium over 32GB variant, you get a more powerful 2.2GHz processor than 1.8GHz

  • AnonD-509430

what about th heat problem??

  • BS_Proof

jay, 29 Feb 2016GALAXY on the outside! IOS in the inside haha piracy!Certainly you don't have any knowledge regarding what you are talking about

  • AnonD-509006

AnonD-509010, 29 Feb 2016With personal exp of redmi note3 - the basic one, 16 gb. I... moreMy personal exp with Redmi Note 3 is the other way round with yours.
It's also 16 GB, dark grey colour. The battery can last for 3 days for my normal usage, sometimes 2 days if I play too much or watching youtube too long. Agree with you on fingerprint sensor, it's just amazing, can recognize accurately and so fast. I wonder why you say Youtube doesn't work, I watch it almost every day ! And for my personal taste (most of my friends, too!!!), I love MIUI, it's like the one of best Android ROM out there (if not the best), and it has almost all useful features out there, also very conveneint to use.
It looks like you just need to be used to it first, at least for a couple of weeks. My Xiaomi first phone was Redmi 1S, then switched to Redmi Note 2 (my wife using it at the moment), I bought another Xiaomi phone, Mi 4i. It is a beast, beautiful design and love the pics taken by its camera. A bit hot sometimes as it uses Snapdragon 615, but MIUI make it work so smooth, this is one of the best smartphone I've ever have and use until now. Then 1 month ago, came the Redmi Note 3 (Mediatek version)...

I also own Xiaomi powerbank 16 000 mAh and Mi USB LED.

All I want to say, my experience with this company products is just so nice, none of the products I have let me down. Thumbs up, Xiaomi.

My next dream is to have MI 5, hopefully in 2-3 months time.
It is just a fantastic flagship, a must have for me.

  • AnonD-391800

AnonD-29640, 29 Feb 2016Another Android... How I'd love to see Windows/Windows phon... moreHave you watched lumia flag with windows10 reviews?

Its a concensus all over....good tech, but win10 ruins it all, bug infested devices...
Microsoft doomed itself, such a big company and yet cannot put out a stable good OS...

On the subject, just seen mi5 photo samples...not impressed,
lot of color shading and ghosting, loss of pixel detail ev3n in good light
Seems 4axis OIS takes a blow on focus and shutter speed...
Does xiaomi update its camera postprocessing performance?