Nokia N95 review: Nokia’s crown jewel

01 May 2007
This is the our detailed test of Nokia N95, the best equipped phone on today’s mobile market. Nokia N95 is among first mobiles to have a built-in camera with a 5 megapixel resolution. Among its lures are also an integrated GPS module, HSDPA support, two-way sliding construction, and a very handy 3.5 mm jack connector for earphones.

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Poor battery life indeed...

    • s
    • shivaa
    • fxH
    • 04 Jul 2021

    N series phone is best quality on nokia world!! Plz again launch this phn!!

      • A
      • Aleksej
      • d%{
      • 21 Mar 2020

      Very handy 3.5mm jack

        • C
        • Chan Myae Zaw
        • XQj
        • 04 Jun 2016

        where buy in Myanmar ?Nokia N95 8GB

          • D
          • AnonD-499245
          • rAQ
          • 10 Feb 2016

          Now 2016

          no nokia.

            • u
            • unie
            • t7X
            • 28 Dec 2015

            I like this how much this cp unit in a lower price

              • 3
              • 3xteR
              • P@1
              • 19 Dec 2012

              how much is d present price of dz n95 ph0ne now?i want 2 hav 0ne.
              share me pls. of wat u kn0w. thanks.

                • D
                • AnonD-90405
                • utX
                • 17 Dec 2012

                Ah,the good old days when Nokia was the undisputed king. Nice phone this was,it created a load of hype and lived up to it quite well.

                  • j
                  • jd
                  • Hkt
                  • 01 Mar 2011

                  Mr.D, 05 Jul 2010The N95 was clearly Nokia's best at the time. Sadly, such h... morebest work softwer

                    • M
                    • Mr.D
                    • vb$
                    • 05 Jul 2010

                    The N95 was clearly Nokia's best at the time. Sadly, such handsets are a rarity these days. This would be worth buying even today if it weren't discontinued !!!

                      • v
                      • vIc
                      • 10 Jun 2010

                      Thanks for the excellent and exhaustive detailed information on the Nokia N95.

                      Great effort and cannot be expressed in words.



                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • iiW
                        • 30 Mar 2010

                        Anonymous, 31 Jan 2008Hey, just got my N95. Can anybody tell me does their slide ... moreyup it happens wit almost all two way slide-able phones...even with the n85 dis happens =)
                        so don worry...njoy ur fone!

                          • m
                          • malama
                          • PSc
                          • 28 Sep 2009

                          how can i solve the lock code?

                            • z
                            • zafar
                            • 2@g
                            • 13 Sep 2009

                            PLZZZZ can anyone tell me how to delete themes in this phone...i have another vanish from my there any limit on the number of themes? put 32 and the next morning found only 28....

                              • Y
                              • YaduroX
                              • w9J
                              • 03 Sep 2009

                              Anonymous, 31 Jan 2008Hey, just got my N95. Can anybody tell me does their slide ... moreyeh! da slide has a movement side 2 side itz da bst 4n dat nokia made

                                • R
                                • Rosaura
                                • j9a
                                • 20 Jun 2009

                                I have my Nokia since December and make my carrier change the phone for a new one, because it lost the signal one or two times per day, I love my phone but still have the same problem and know it freeze when Im talking and the call is ended. Can someone help me to fix this two things.

                                  • d
                                  • dynamic_gsm
                                  • fv9
                                  • 24 May 2009

                                  Plz gsmarena , upload again the sample video from N95 , yhe link is dead , thx very much .

                                    • A
                                    • Arron
                                    • SbD
                                    • 22 Jan 2009

                                    A king of phones!!!

                                    Ive had mine since it 1st came out.. of course i had the reboot prob but once the firmware was updated it ran like a dream.

                                    Had every thing i needed in a phone. I thought the camera was amazing ( better than my n96)

                                    the batt was a prob but not major unless i hammered the music at work... caue i just charged it at nite... dont need it while i sleep do i. ( same prob with the N96)

                                    Im expecting my 1st child in the next few days and ive kept my n95 at home so i can use it for taking pics... my misses has a samsung summit or other 5mp ( may be u900 soul) and the pics just arnt as good.

                                    would defo advise this phone or the N95 8GB over the N96!! ( not that the N96 isnt good its just not as good)

                                      • R
                                      • Ronin
                                      • LpG
                                      • 28 Sep 2008

                                      In the review was said that the N95 gps chip doesn't work with third party application... that is a LIE coz i have a N95-3 FW V20 and since it was with the original firmware its GPS works fine with Sygic 7.6...

                                        • B
                                        • Bami
                                        • kH@
                                        • 16 Aug 2008

                                        About my firmware post,som1 plz reply me.i ned it badly.thanks alot