Nokia N95 review: Nokia’s crown jewel

01 May 2007
This is the our detailed test of Nokia N95, the best equipped phone on today’s mobile market. Nokia N95 is among first mobiles to have a built-in camera with a 5 megapixel resolution. Among its lures are also an integrated GPS module, HSDPA support, two-way sliding construction, and a very handy 3.5 mm jack connector for earphones.

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  • Cheetah2k
  • PG$
  • 03 May 2007

For VOIP, i used Fring for the N95 last night via a wifi connection to another skype user. It works great!!

Also, the review is incorrect when it states the GPS unit doesnt work with 3rd party apps. It actually does work with 2 apps - Navfone Pro and Wayfinder 7! Tomtom will release a patch shortly to use it. I'm not sure about the other GPS apps for S60 tho.

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    • Rodrigo
    • P4m
    • 03 May 2007

    this review was what I needed to make my choice. Comes N95 :)

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      • messy
      • xJe
      • 02 May 2007

      that was amazing review from gsmarena really thanks but i am still not sure about the quality of sound through headphoney( i mean any headphone not the nokia one ) i have my nokia n93 it s bit big for me and i wana change to n95 i just like to listen to music most of the time with a good base any can tell me is it as good as n91 or not becasue i love the quality of nokia n91
      cheers every one

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        • Ben
        • 4qP
        • 02 May 2007

        Anyone use this phone for VoIP yet? I need a world phone and wifi is an absolute must as is the ability to use VoIP. I know skype doesn't put out software for anything but windows, but has anyone used wifi on this with any other software to make VoIP calls? Thanks.

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          • Anonymous
          • ibi
          • 02 May 2007

          very good phone. but without long lasting battery life all of the features and functions are useless. come on Nokia...we need a phone with similar function of N95 but the battery life should at least last for 2 to 3 days.

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            • Anonymous
            • q}X
            • 02 May 2007

            strong JPEG compression

            what do they mean?

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              • andy burgin
              • pTC
              • 01 May 2007

              When i first heard of the price of the N95 sim free of £500 i could not believe a company like Nokia would produce a phone to expensive i tried an early upgrade but failed then went on Ebay an won one an its just amazed me what a superb phone it is,it looks as though its going to be heavy but its so light an a lovely size ,Nokias done a cock- up with the battery but i hope soon there will be some software to improve the battery life an its a top phone by Nokia

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                • Andy Burgin
                • pTC
                • 01 May 2007

                The N95 is an amazing phone an its features are top class But like the review always says the Battery life is a truely great cock-up by Nokia an hope theres some software soon to try to improve the battery life,people think its heavy when you first see the N95 but its really light an just right for putting in your trouser or jeans pocket,just seen a pink on on you tube an ope the will be some changeable fascias soon on ebay as i changed my N73 to Black an would like the N95 in Black as well

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                  • Anonymous
                  • P$w
                  • 01 May 2007

                  he... he.... atlast a good reviwe for a nokia fone........ something to cheer for nokia fans.......

                  Neways...SE Rocks...............

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Pv9
                    • 01 May 2007

                    well at least the clearly state that sony ericsson have their ass kicked by the nokia n95

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                      • me
                      • nCK
                      • 01 May 2007

                      does it worth upgrading from my n73 (or generally speaking from n93,n80 etc...)? doesn''s a tad faster thanks to the amr11 processor,has a bit bigger screen with 16 million colours (i can live without),a 5 mp camera (i can do fine with 3 mp cause i also have a 6 mp nikon slr -proffesional camera if you don't know what slr is- if i need super quality photos),it also can't edit word docs without a third party application (or as said before without additional payment for upgrading the standard app),it's heavy,expensive,and i think will be full of bugs as any smartphone shortly after being relised,until a firmware update (or more).i suggest waiting for the 5 mp camera phone from se.that will be cheaper,faster,probably better at music,lighter etc...

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                        • DanT
                        • xut
                        • 01 May 2007

                        Truly a great phone! The best probably for at least two years or until Nokia will release its successor. It will earn Nokia great profits and we will probably see some of its futures implemented in future midrange phones.

                        I used to praise SE for its great phones like W800, W900 and K800, with their great futures for money. But this time Nokia is the clear winner.


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                          • - Z e n -
                          • PA@
                          • 01 May 2007

                          honestly i prefer the n93i looks more expensive than this one..but feature this one far better of course..

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                            • e_Wang
                            • PEY
                            • 01 May 2007

                            i just can say this phone is a great mobile phone with amazing features

                              • V
                              • Vinsanity
                              • m22
                              • 01 May 2007

                              Finally gsmarena reviewed the N95 :)
                              about the office document; u can view word excel and powerpoint
                              file but u cant edit there ,actually the option of editing is there but u will be charged to get this updated version!

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                                • SeF
                                • whB
                                • 01 May 2007

                                excellent review with N95, it manages to describe in clear details the cons and pros of this phone. but i smell something again, they always mention Sony Ericsson on their review. does it mean that the competition between those two rises to the maximum even reviewers are now aware. anyway a great review performance.

                                  • L
                                  • Léo
                                  • Ljq
                                  • 01 May 2007

                                  If you have money to afford it and battery is not a problem, go for it!

                                    • M
                                    • Mahmoud
                                    • iDm
                                    • 01 May 2007

                                    Its a great phone...but yet very expensive .
                                    I wonder how man ppl will need all these features in one phone...
                                    I guess human wants have no limits:D

                                      • t
                                      • tabtab
                                      • RvS
                                      • 01 May 2007

                                      second.. woot!

                                        • A
                                        • ALE
                                        • mA}
                                        • 01 May 2007

                                        Hmm.. no office document editor? :)