Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Time-saver edition

18 March, 2016
The Galaxy S6 was Samsung's plunge into premium materials for its flagship line, which had long since suffered ridicule for its extensive use of plastic. The Galaxy S7 is the iterative upgrade that follows, building upon the S6's foundations.

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  • Jonesy

Hey guys!..Is rhe samsung as7 Bluetooth 4.2?

  • Udyy

Samsung galaxy s7😍

  • putri

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2019Samsung s7s7

  • Anonymous

mir, 17 Jun 2016Nice try, you troll. Samsung are the ones making most of the amo... moreSamsung s7

Had my S7 about 15 mths's a great phone I would buy one if I did'nt already own one. 5★

  • Yuni musyarofah

Samsung galaxy S7

  • muber

Its just awesome. Its the one i have.

  • NasimMahmood

Ayush, 07 Mar 2018Should I go to iPhone se or Samsung galaxy s7 S7

  • Ayush

Should I go to iPhone se or Samsung galaxy s7

  • No name

AnonD-546299, 08 Jun 2016Issue with my galaxy s7 edge. All incoming recorded calls are ve... moreHi,I was checking comments but i see some complains.I'm planning to buy S7 instead S8 for some reasons.Only you guys can help me.By answering my questions.
Is S7 perfomance good?Gaming perfomance?Some people says it has bad speaker,Is it true?Is it easy to scratch it?Guys plz help me...

  • AnonD-220741

Ahmed , 30 Oct 2016Anyone,Tell me galaxy s7 is best or galaxy note 5s7 edge

  • AMB 1380

This phone is so good
I am searching for phones to buy for my birthday.
at last ( HTC 10 & Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 edge )
Galaxy S7 edge > Galaxy S7 > HTC 10
edge is hard to work but I recommended S7 to buy

  • raihan

guys i have a s7 now a days every day i charge my device by fast wired charge option.qustion is.....using this option too much will my phone have problem at battery?

  • Ahmed

Anyone,Tell me galaxy s7 is best or galaxy note 5

  • Mouse

While the S7 has a great camera you will not get voice mail notifications without using your data as the only option is visual voice mail. What happened to basic phone features? My S4 mini had all the normal phone features one would expect. Guess Samsung needs to make more money for us to communicate via cell phone. Visual voice mail costs extra too!

  • AnonD-449925

The 3 cons that you have chose are bad IR blaster and removable battery and the glass back you didn't say that on phone that are missing those features or using glass back phones,You could say USB-C is the only con

  • Anonymous

Ir blaster? Really? Con for the S7? Who the fck would use Ir blaster nowadays.

  • Anonymous

4.5/5 stars why not just give it a 5/5 we all know it deserves it.

  • AnonD-530640

Is there any new software updates for A7 other than lollipop

Sorin , 26 Apr 2016Easily scratcheable on the back panel. I recommend a foil from d... moreMy guess is that you are very careless with using your phone. I had an S6 for a year and had no scatches on the back. And I usually hiked during those times when I owned the phone.