Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Time-saver edition

18 March, 2016
The Galaxy S6 was Samsung's plunge into premium materials for its flagship line, which had long since suffered ridicule for its extensive use of plastic. The Galaxy S7 is the iterative upgrade that follows, building upon the S6's foundations.

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  • Ahmed

Anyone,Tell me galaxy s7 is best or galaxy note 5

  • Mouse

While the S7 has a great camera you will not get voice mail notifications without using your data as the only option is visual voice mail. What happened to basic phone features? My S4 mini had all the normal phone features one would expect. Guess Samsung needs to make more money for us to communicate via cell phone. Visual voice mail costs extra too!

  • AnonD-449925

The 3 cons that you have chose are bad IR blaster and removable battery and the glass back you didn't say that on phone that are missing those features or using glass back phones,You could say USB-C is the only con

  • Anonymous

Ir blaster? Really? Con for the S7? Who the fck would use Ir blaster nowadays.

  • Anonymous

4.5/5 stars why not just give it a 5/5 we all know it deserves it.

  • AnonD-530640

Is there any new software updates for A7 other than lollipop

Sorin , 26 Apr 2016Easily scratcheable on the back panel. I recommend a foil f... moreMy guess is that you are very careless with using your phone. I had an S6 for a year and had no scatches on the back. And I usually hiked during those times when I owned the phone.

AnonD-548358, 13 Jun 2016Hi all please stop buying the samsung phone.i buyed a galax... moreNice try, you troll. Samsung are the ones making most of the amoled panels being used today. There is no way they don't have the extra parts for replacing the one on your phone. And its a recent model as well.

  • AnonD-548358

Hi all please stop buying the samsung phone.i buyed a galaxy J7 but with in two month my phone display gone & i visit every serive center they dont have proper response & told display not available.what i can do? customer care also its waste of time & money to buy this samsung phone.plz frnds dont waste your for this things & dont suffer like me. please don't purchase samsung mobile. very waste service from samsung

  • AnonD-546299

Issue with my galaxy s7 edge. All incoming recorded calls are very low volume. I have tried many different recording apps and they are all responding the same way. How can this be resolved. Thank you for any info on this issue.

apertotes, 18 Mar 2016I disagree. A screen that shows reflections no matter how y... moreScreen activates on receiving notifications.. Its an android thing..

  • AnonD-541571

AnonD-541571, 27 May 2016Excellent phone ... Superb camera .. Great design ... Extra... moreSorry guys ... I meants snapdragon 810 and not 820!! Apologies

  • AnonD-541571

Excellent phone ... Superb camera .. Great design ... Extraordinary battery life ... But but but I've got hands on over exynos variant and it heats like the grand flop snapdragon 820 ... Neither did I like the touchwiz ui ... I would rather recommend HTC 10. And coming to camera , u need not be an expert to find minor distortions and over saturation of colors .. Neither does foliage look dat good ... And I must say I haven't seen a phone with this amazing low light performance either!!!

  • Anonymous

I like the s3 and s4 better than all these new models.

  • Paul S.

Hey: I am in trouble with my Galaxy S7 text. It does not give me the option to chose lock when I hold down the text message what gives. Thanks, Paul S.

  • Sonu

Look is good but price is very high as compare 2 other handset i suggest 2 use apple iphone as cimpare to sansung

  • Sorin

Easily scratcheable on the back panel. I recommend a foil from day one. A poor glass material used for the back, quite a disappointment.


People dont know how to use the Android phones and after they complain about lagging and problems. Stop downloading plenty of unknown games, apps, clean your phone every few days,
do some general check and will be fine. Its like computer - you need to care about it - not just using it.

  • Anonymous

Can someone explain why my s6 is lagging after a few months use(it happened with my s5 also) and my brothers 5s is working buttery-smooth? Will that happen with an s7(if i get one)..

  • umer

impressive page and samrtphone samsung